Party/Nightclub Scene - LIMELIGHT



Hey! I’m writing my first story here and I need some help. I’m obviously not good at directing yet and stuff.
I’m making a nightclub scene and I don’t know to position the extra characters, like in the back doing stuff, the main ones, etc…
If anyone could make or send me like a template for that, or just help me, idk haha, it would help me A LOT!!!
Thank you!!! :grinning:
(I also don’t know if this if the right category to post my topic???)


To add background characters you have to use spot directing and layering!
Good luck with it, and don’t add too many people because it might be too laggy for readers.




np ^^


There’s probably some script templates you could use for that here:


oooh thank u so much!


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: