Party Scene - Limelight

I’m creating a scene for a party in my story before a tragedy happens. I need a template. I’m thinking about 6 or 7 guys and girls. Although, I don’t know how to spot the characters. It’s gonna take a long time.

For what background?

Let me see, one sec.

Copy and paste the one from INK

I’m using this background:

I have one for a different background but it’s still 3 zones, so you might only need to move a few characters

Ok, what’s the background name?

(It was a Halloween party)

Or I did I club scene for this, which is basically a party anyway

Can you please send me the script I am so terrible at screen directing
I really need your help thanks

Are you talking to me? And which one are you talking about?

Hi! Can I get to know from where I can find the script template? Thanks

Script template for what exactly?

The party script template (which you mentioned)

music music_darkdance
&zoom reset
&overlay TABLE PUNCH shifts to -16 -24 in zone 3
&overlay TABLE PUNCH scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 3
&overlay TURNTABLES shifts to 0 66 in zone 1
&overlay TURNTABLES scales to 1.378 1.378 in zone 1
&overlay TURNTABLES moves to layer 6
@cut to zone 1
@zoom reset
&HALL7 spot 0.641 119 240 AND HALL7 faces right AND HALL7 is dj_headbob_loop
&HALL4 spot 0.632 53 238 AND HALL4 faces right AND HALL4 is dance_wavehands_happy_loop
&LARA spot 0.740 253 166 AND LARA faces left AND LARA is dance_groove_happy_loop
&HANNAH spot 0.785 127 154 AND HANNAH faces left AND HANNAH is kiss_passionate_loop AND HANNAH moves to layer 8
&JAI spot 0.812 78 146 AND JAI faces left AND JAI is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND JAI moves to layer 9
&HALL3 spot 0.740 187 166 AND HALL3 faces right AND HALL3 is dance_shake_happy_loop AND HALL3 moves to layer 7
&HALL1 spot 0.542 180 329 in zone 2 AND HALL1 is talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND HALL1 faces right
&HALL8 spot 0.551 234 286 in zone 2 AND HALL8 faces left AND HALL8 is idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop
&CELESTE spot 0.578 66 248 in zone 2 AND CELESTE faces right AND CELESTE is react_sit_checkphone_bored AND CELESTE moves to layer 2
&HALL2 spot 0.740 292 161 in zone 2 AND HALL2 faces left AND HALL2 is dance_club_happy_loop
&HALL5 spot 0.740 110 174 in zone 2 AND HALL5 faces right AND HALL5 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND HALL5 moves to layer 5
@add Cup Plastic Red to HALL5
@add Cup Plastic Red to HALL6
&HALL6 spot 1.136 102 -28 in zone 3 AND HALL6 is sip_cup_neutral_loop
&HALL9 spot 0.542 211 297 in zone 3 AND HALL9 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND HALL9 moves to layer -2
&JESSE spot 1.136 246 -20 in zone 3 AND JESSE is think_rubchin
&ASHLEY spot 0.542 82 324 in zone 3 AND ASHLEY is talk_neutral_loop AND ASHLEY moves to layer -2
&JULES spot 0.542 18 324 in zone 3 AND JULES faces right AND JULES is listen_nod_happy_loop AND JULES moves to layer -1
@pan to zone 3 in 8
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 960 187 to 226% in 4
@zoom on 707 135 to 226% in 2
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 853 17 to 129% in 0

That’s my script. HALL characters are the background ones, and the names are my main characters.