Party template, anyone?

I need a party template that’s for any background.

Hello! So I am in this group @epi.diversity and I make templates, so if you’d like I can try making you a party template! Just tell me what’s the theme like carnival, prom, birthday, halloween etc! And I’ll do my best and when I publish it there I tell you! If you want :star_struck:

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Can you make me a halloween party template it doesn’t matter the background. The other templates I have used have made my computer crash. I think it was too much coding at once. But I don’t know how to fix it.

hey idk if ur still doing this or not lol but i need a limelight club template for my story. i won’t need it for a little bit but i’ll still credit u and everything. it’s completely fine if u can’t or aren’t doing this anymore.

Lmao these reply are so old!