Party template for this background

If you know where I can find one that would be great and if you have to make it I’ll be sure to credit you :revolving_hearts:

I can make you one, if that’s OK?

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Thanks that would be great :sparkling_heart:

Alright. I’ll get right onto it.

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Is it Ink or Limelight? Just so that I don’t mix up the gestures.

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Ok, thanks.

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I named the background INT. PARTAY, and this is how it looks.

Let me know if you need any changes, and here is the spoting.


This scene has music.

Adjust volume acordingly.


music music_beatboxballad

@MALE1 spot 0.956 134 160 and MALE1 moves to layer 3

@add Red Cup to MALE1

@FEMALE4 spot 1.067 27 75 in zone 3 and FEMALE4 faces right and FEMALE5 spot 0.902 284 175 in zone 3 and MALE4 spot 0.796 233 265 in zone 2 and MALE6 spot 0.881 174 145 in zone 2 and MALE5 spot 0.672 299 218 in zone 2 and MALE4 faces left and MALE5 faces left and FEMALE2 spot 0.678 134 297 in zone 2 and FEMALE2 moves to layer -5 and FEMALE2 faces right and FEMALE3 spot 0.823 51 211 in zone 2 and FEMALE3 faces right and MALE1 is drink and MALE2 spot 0.947 35 154 in zone 1 and MALE2 moves to layer 2 and MALE2 faces right and MALE2 is cheer_loop and FEMALE1 spot 0.650 242 375 and FEMALE1 moves to layer 2 and FEMALE1 is dance_disco_loop

@MALE1 is talk_hold_drink and MALE2 is listen

@FEMALE1 is dance_drop_it and MALE1 faces right and MALE1 is flirt_shy and MALE2 is admire

@MALE3 enters from right to screen right

@MALE3 walks to spot 0.785 199 244 in 1

@FEMALE1 is dustoff_loop and FEMALE1 faces left and FEMALE1 spot 0.704 243 277

@FEMALE1 is kiss_passionate_loop and MALE3 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear

@zoom on 248 379 to 392% in 1

@remove Red Cup from MALE1

@MALE1 is slap_face_receive and MALE2 is slap_face_receive

@pause for a beat

@zoom reset

@pause for a beat

@MALE1 is idle_sad and MALE2 is cry_sob_loop

@pan to zone 2

@FEMALE2 is dance_salsa and FEMALE3 is dance_robot and MALE4 is eat_pizza and MALE5 is jump_loop and MALE6 is dance_groove_loop

@pause for 3

@pan to zone 3

    FEMALE4 (idle_exhausted)
(Why do I even come to these?)

    FEMALE5 (idle_awkward)
(. . .)

    FEMALE4 (think)
(Why is she looking..?)

    FEMALE4 (idle_happy)

@FEMALE4 is flirt_shy and FEMALE5 is flirt_wink

@FEMALE4 walks to spot 0.888 150 173 in 2 and FEMALE5 walks to spot 0.902 207 173 in 1

@FEMALE4 is kiss_passionate_loop and FEMALE5 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear and FEMALE5 faces right

@pan to zone 1

@pan to zone 2

@transition fade out black 1

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lemme check it out I’ll let you know soon


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I just adjusted it a little, but otherwise it’s perfect! Thanks!

What tag should I use when I credit you?

hotel.hideaway_stories It’s my Instagram.

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