Party template needed!

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anybody has an INK party template for a similar background to this ones…

I need it for my story OFFSIDE: The Girl Coach.
-It has currently 140k reads, featured on the Young Adults shelf and it’s always in the top 10 stories on Adventure. If you have one please leave it here, you will be credited!

Also I will give a shoutout on my story and instagram acc @tw.episode Thank you!

Ink or limelight

INK :slight_smile:

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@Dara.Amarie and @Apes might be able to help

How many characters do you need there?

I have something similar with 23 char.

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it works for me! <3 Any number

You can also check this out:

@episode.mavis has spot templates that you can use, including party ones (also remember to give credit! :heart: )

Good luck with everything! :wink: