Party Venue Background?

Hiya everyone!

For a story I’m currently writing, I’m having a sweet sixteen party for the MC’s sister. I wanted to make the party special, but I couldn’t find any backgrounds. The party’s theme would depend on choices, so I need two different kinds of backgrounds.

#1 - Beach Theme
This is self-explanatory, and it’s just a party at the beach. It would include fairy lights, lanterns, wooden chairs, some tables, and another table at the front for the party’s cake. This would also be where the host would stand. Here are some reference photos for my ideal background:


#2 - Majestic Theme
For this one, it would be similar to a ball. A purple or pink light would be all around the room. It would also include some lanterns, round tables, chairs covered in cloth, and a small stage at front too. Here are some reference photos for my ideal background:


If it’s possible for it to be in both morning and night, I would greatly appreciate it! Although, only night would be great too.

Also, if anyone has any backgrounds like these, can draw backgrounds, or can find backgrounds like these online, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send those backgrounds to me! I will give credit too.

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This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I just made it for one of my scenes & it could probs be adapted if you’d like. Let me know & I’ll send you the whole file + the overlay