Pass limit and waiting time?

So i just started playing the game and decided to look up the time taken for passes to renew, i noticed a lot of them said different things. Some said it refreshes upto 2 passes while some others said max refresh amount is 3 or even 4, same thing with time, I saw 2,3 and 4 hours. Which is true? Or is there a way to increase the limit or something?

I believe (I’m like 70% sure though)

That after 20 episode reads, you bump up to 3.

After an additional 20 episode reads (total of 4) you bump up to 4.

There is nothing higher than 4 per every four hours.


Episode may have changed it, but @FallenAngelNight13 is correct except for the 4 passes one. For me, it wasn’t till I had read a hundred chapters that I got 4 passes every four hours. I had read many long stories and short stories till I started getting 4 passes.

I get 4 passes every 4 hours