Passable Covers and Profile Pics Workshop ❤

OK, so I created this 'cause even though I suck at art I’d thought I’d give it a go XD

Anyways, here I will make you a cover (no, I cannot do characters, sorry, but i can try) and I’ll try to make you a badass cover :revolving_hearts:

And I will create profile pics for you (OK, they probably won’t be the best, but it’s fine lol) They will be edited :sparkling_heart:

I have examples here:


(I mention which ones I worked on for my IG)

As u can see I may have limited skills in this but I can try and it’s good practice XD
I will not need a pose or anything (if u want, u can write but I may not deliver 'cause it’ll end up being complex for moi lol), but maybe u can tell me what type of background, clothing u want and what ur classic/ink/limelight character details are.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like the end result and give me five stars or I’ll come in ur dreams and karate kick u…kidding, u don’t even know how i look so it ain’t possible for me to come and scare you hardcore, HAhaHa :smiling_imp:

OK, on a serious note, I’ll begin after Monday or when I get my phone charger, anyway request if u want :wink:


Can I request a characer edit? @JemU776

Yes please :raising_hand_woman: I’m sorry. Just realized what I did here. :anguished: Can I get a pfp. Here’s my deets:

Creative freedom is yours. :kissing_heart::tulip:

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Of course! :wink:

can you make blood on her shirt and a bullet wound on her waist, and a few bruises on her skin?

back ground

keep it in mind she is suppose to be twelve

Is she the main character? :thinking:


One of the content guidelines is “Stories cannot feature main characters that are under the age of 13.”

Perhaps make her 13 instead of 12? :sweat_smile:

I can make her 13 thanks for telling me I didn’t know

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No problem, happy to help :wink:

Here’s a link to the guidelines so u can check them out: Content Guidelines and see what can be allowed in stories and what cannot :heart:

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Oooh another thing! I can do splashes, so like if u want it to say “this story has sound”, “this story has mature themes”, etc, I can give it my best shot. I’m pretty sure it’s called a splash BTW :heavy_heart_exclamation::kiss:

Can I also request a splash saying “this story has sound”? -edit

Of course!
Any particular way u would like it to look? Like a theme? Or a color? :thinking:

Yeah actually I was wondering if you could use this background and add headphones or earphones . Saying " this story has music and sound" something like that.

Of course :revolving_hearts:

Can you add this special effect if possible in the splash.

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Did you get to finish the edit, splash yet?