Passes after a certain time frame should increase

It’s so easy to get bored of the game when you have to wait 3 hours just to play two 10 minutes episodes. I think you should get 3 passes after three hours.


Is this a feature?

After you read a certain number of chapters you get more passes over the course of 3 hours. I currently get 4 passes (pretty sure that’s as high as it goes) every 3 hours plus an extra one or two if I read 4 chapters to complete the challenge. Personally I think newer readers should also get more passes, but to answer your question yes this is a feature.

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@Nikaboo The number of passes you will acquire upon a refill can increase by reading more chapters on any story.

New Game = 2 passes refill for every 4 hours
Read 20 chapters in total = 3 passes refill for every 4 hours
Read 40 chapters in total = 4 passes refill for every 4 hours. (this is the maximum amount of passes you can get on a refill)

I’ve provided one of my screenshots above (it’s a about 2 years old, but the passes system hasn’t changed since) - once you’ve read a certain amount, you’ll get a notification like this notifying you of the increase.

Edit: Corrected some errors.


I agree 2 passes is VERY little. But when I started getting 4 it’s actually alright. Especially since the refill timer starts right when you use up one ticket.

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