Passes and Diamonds

Why can’t you give us unlimited passes and diamonds ? You should give all unlimited.
Who agrees with me ?

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I totally agree with you! I love this app I’ve been using it for almost a year but the pass and gems system is really bad! It doesn’t surprise me to see players who don’t play it anymore. Since the last update I don’t see the unlimited pass offer anymore. I tried to uninstall the application and then reinstall to see if the offer would appear but obviously…no! Not everyone can afford to buy the gems and pass packs that cost a fortune (for a rather low number by the way). The unlimited pass offer is so much more affordable and useful! I hope to see it again, otherwise I won’t play it anymore!

How are they supposed to make money if they give you everything for free?


Yeah… they’re a company, how exactly are they gonna make money if everything is free


Passes and Gems will never be free, because that’s the system that they use to pay for the future development of the game. And the “Unlimited Passes” that disappeared is a promotion that they have and it rotates by groups so when your groups alotted time to use it is over, you lose it and someone else gets it. Trust me, I was furious when I saw that it was gone, so I asked Support. :joy:.

All of that said, I think they should increase the # of passes/gems for the prices they have. Especially the more expensive ones. There are stories that are 50+ episodes so when you take that into account, 120 passes runs out pretty quickly and expensively. Adding that most of their readers do not have income of their own so it’s us parents paying for it. Just sayin.

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You have a point, Cole.

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