Passes in the Episode App

So recently Episode updated the system and now we can’t watch ads for passes to speed up the wait anymore, and it sucks bcs I have to wait 3 hours for my passes to refill. :((

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Well… Yesterday I could :thinking:

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I’ve lost that feature too, but I got the daily rewards back.

For some reason I don’t have the daily rewards. Tbh i don’t need the 2 gems reward for reading 4 chapters anyway. But last week if i read 4 chapters i would get 1 pass for the 1-day streak or 2 passes after the 2-day streak, now it won’t let me win passes and I don’t really do generator hacks in Episode so Idk :((

The rewards change each day.
Day 1 - 1 pass
Day 2 - 2 passes
Day 3 - 2 passes
Day 4 - 1 gem
Day 5 - 2 gems
then it restarts i think.

I keep getting up to 7 passes and then I do 1 chapter and it goes all the way down to 2!

Huh? I’m up to the 6 Day Streak already, it gave me 2 gems for 4 chapters. I want the passes backkkkkkkk :(((((( I’m binge-reading Jaded Love and I can’t finish it, dang it