Passes not going over the max anymore 😡

I used to get passes every 4 hours and was up to 128+ passes now Episodes has changed it to now you can only get the max number of passes but doesn’t say what that max is.:woman_shrugging: I have been playing Eposides for over 2 years I am seriously considering not using this app any more. It is ridiculous they let it go on for so long then just abruptly stop. I believe the reason behind this is for Episodes to make money. Wish Eposides would have not stopped giving passes out. Now, I am not reading that many stories because I am now down to 89 passes.:pensive:


Yes, I know, it sucks :frowning:
I usually only read one episode because of this update : (

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Have a lovely day! :blue_heart:

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I don’t understand what’s going on, but I have an issue with my passes. If I don’t use all of my 4 passes the first time, it won’t add the number to the new 4 passes. For example, I had 2 passes left, and I decided not to use them to read any stories. I reopened the episode app, and the 2 passes didn’t save. It’s supposed to 6 passes in total.

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No with the new update you can not exceed more than 4 passes. So if you only use 2 you will get refilled 2. Since forever you could accrue passed but they put a stop to that to make user want to pay for passes. It is all about money for them now.

I used to have 12 passes and now I only get 4 every time -.- It’s so annoying. We can’t even do R4R properly.

What! That’s crazy. I used to rack up on passes fast just by saving them up. Not everybody has a source of income to buy passes. I don’t agree with their decision to do this.

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Yea I used to have 12 passes too. I even used to have more than 12 passes, and I didn’t have to buy them either.

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I agree plus they did it secretly and with no notice. I had 128 passes now down to 89. I have to carefully now choose what stories I want to read.

Wow. That’s crazy. I’m not about to buy passes because I don’t have a source of income yet.

Yeah a lot of people are pissed and have said they will not buy passes they even might stop using the app all together. I used to be on the app daily (for the daily challenges) I haven’t been on for a couple of days because I am afraid to use my passes.