Passes stacking up


Who thinks that episode should stack up passes So if someone doesn’t use there passes they still get 2 passes every 2 hours so that they can stack up instead of having to spend them all in order to get more.




Me, maybe make this a feature request! :wink:


I agree with you! I mean if there’s a story you really like to read but then you have to wait for 2 hrs to get passes again


But after a day, you’d have 24 passes, and it could add up to you having thousands of passes after a while.


omg right


I thought passes did stack up? Or is it only me?


I feel like mine have been too. I have like 20 something passes. But I also stash a few myself for having to reread a chapter when they give you a free pass lol


Yeah, they do. Never mind, just realised that. :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:


I agree, but I think they only do it so people can buy passes, which is kinda low =


The reason that it can seem passes stack up is because passes you get from a chapter being edited or completing the challenge of reading 4 chapters in a row are the last ones you use. I’m doing a really bad job of explaining this but let’s say you read 4 chapters and claim your rewards for a challenge and get an extra pass then log off. Your passes will renew and you’ll have 5, if you do this for an extended period of time the passes that you earn (not your usual every 3 hour ones) start to stack up, I had 30 passes at one point ( I ended up using them all on one story). Again I’m having a hard time explaining this but I hope it makes sense :joy:

As for the actual topic question I don’t think passes should be able to stack because you’d end up having thousands however as I’ve (horribly) explained above they sort of do.


I agree


If you want to stack up your passes, I read one chapter of a story then wait till I get more passes, then read another one chapter of a story, and wait to get more passes.
It works for me, right now I have 14 passes.


I agree!


I agree, there’d be no point in passes anymore really


I love this idea but I think Episode likes to keep demand for passes high so people buy them so they make money!


Yes please! I used to get so annoyed when I started episode because I thought if I didn’t use my passes and waited another 4 hours, then I’d get another four and have eight passes.


They did the opposite. No refills at all for those with over 4 passes.