Past choices - if/elif/else help

Can someone help.

I am following the guide on the if/elif/else lol
but maybe I missed something?

or maybe I am not cut out for this coding :sweat_smile:

did you check out dara’s how to on it

yes, I was using that as a guide.

i just use if with all. it works fine

I did that but the dialogue doesn’t come up.
I get no errors when I use if. but the outcome doesn’t show up

that is cause you are on your computer. it cant show you what happen in another chapter. or if you prewiew without haveing pick that choice

It’s all in one episode. but even when I do test it on my app, it still doesn’t show.

Take out the first brackets before elif / else, you already closed them once, you don’t need to do it twice.

should be:
if (OUTFIT is “Valentine”){
elif (OUTFIT is “Angel”){

**Edit: Obv insert the dialogue as you have it, I just didn’t want to retype all that.

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are evrything speeld correct. i had struggle with it before cause made a space to much

yeah you got two end brackets this } there shal only be one after a choice

Okay, I’ll try this

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Thank youu!!!

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You’re welcome :3

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Okay so its works.
But when I test it out.
The dialogue for else only works.

It always automatically goes to else.

You have to test out each one individually. Click on story modifiers (either on preview or mobile) and select the if/elif choices to see how they work.

do I click on flags? if so, nothing shows up

Nvm, I’m thinking of gains (which you shouldn’t use with your outfits).

Just test out each option individually. Go to the point where you picked the outfit, then skip to the scene where that outfit choice dialogue should come in and see how it works.

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It keep showing me else dialogue but it’s okay, I’ll just reword it. Thank you for helping me.

Try resetting your story progress.

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@LiyahxWrites has this been resolved? Thanks!