Pastel's Pfp Contest!

Hiya! Welcome to Pastel’s Pfp Contest!


  • Try to give it to me as quick as possible
  • There must be ALEC LOCKHART and I!
  • Please don’t be off topic and please be respectful
  • Be creative!
  • I want the background similar to what I want same with the pose! If you use a different pose, you can still win though, I just prefer that pose!
Character Details

My deets:

Outfit for me:

Alec’s Deets:

Outfit for Alec: It doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t weird

Background: Starry

Pose: Something like this



Joining :relieved::sparkling_heart:

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Also do it have to be that pose or can we do something different?

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No not really, but I prefer that pose tbh but if you use a different pose then you can still win

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Might join…

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I wanna join, but I don’t know if I can finish it fast enough loll

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Click the character details lol, it shows you

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It’s fine, I’ll be patient as long as it doesn’t take months lol

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I’ll pm you the entry.

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Lolll don’t worry :cowboy_hat_face:

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