Pastor clothing

Hi im trying to find a long overall cover that looks like a pastor is wearing it lol. Im in the process of scrolling through the clothes but if anyone knows, help ya girl out!

Is it for INK OR LL?
If it’s for LL the outfit is called: graduation gown cotton black grey black :white_heart:
For INK I’m not too sure :sweat_smile:

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LMAO, yes it’s for LL. I was thinking the gown too but there aren’t anything else close to that?

im not sure tbh but ima double check lol

It’s so hard to explain lol i’m just trying to find a black gown for a shaman but a pastor was what i had in mind because i thought it’d be easier ahaha

haha yeah I get what you’re talking about. unfortunately I can’t find anything better other than the graduation gown :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ahaha I decided to use it and it isn’t bad. Thanks for the help! xoxo

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