@pause for a beat

When I tried typing “is” it said error

Can you send me a screen shot?

IDK how on a computer

Well, what does the error message say exactly?

Where you have @KARLY faces right

Put &KARLY is animation (the animation you’re using)

Then add @pause for how many seconds you want

Ex. @pause for 1, @pause for 2, @pause for 3

It was asking if I forgot to capitalize the first word or close the parentheses around the animation

This format is only used for dialogue. If you want to have your character do that animation without talking, the correct format is @CHARACTER is animation

So it should be:
@KARLY is listen_phone_angry_loop
@pause for a beat


Did you ad @KARLA ?
The @ is important.

THANK YOU sooo much!

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@KARLY starts listen_phone_angry_loop
@pause for a beat

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You’d say
@KARLY is listen_phone_angry_loop
@pause for a beat

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