Pause in a loop command?

Okay so I have been working on this for the last couple of hours and I struggle a lot.

I have a scene where a little girl is eating ice cream, as there are no ice cream props I needed to upload an overlay (ICE CREAM CHOCOLATE). I added this animation (eat_food_hand_neutral) to the little girl 5 times and I tried to make the overlay shifts from the hand to the mouth in a loop command 5 times as well, but I struggle a lot to make the overlay move in synch with the hand as the hand stops a bit at the mouth before going back in place.

Is there any way we can pause a bit the loop command?

Or if you have another solution for me I would gladly try it hahaha

When I’ve done things like that I usually try go for only using the overlay once, and giving it a bunch of shift commands all at once, like you would do if you were trying to do a shake

For example I’d write

@overlay icecream moves to (whatever) in (speed) AND THEN overlay icecream moves to (next position) in (speed) AND THEN… and so on until the animation is complete

It takes forever and I’m going to be honest I’ve had issues on getting it to work since I’m slow on overlays and it may not work for you

But I thought I’d share in case :))


Well I have nothing to loose at this point haha, I’ll try this :slight_smile:

I tried it and it works perfectly fine for me, thank you!

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phew i’m glad, happy i could help :))

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