Pause in between scenes or dialogue?

@pause for a beat doesn’t work for me?
I know I’m doing something wrong.
Please help lol.

Thanks xx


@pause for 1”


@pause for a beat should work. Also, if you don’t want any pause at all, can use @pause for 0, meaning there will be no awkward pause (check out more here: HOW TO: Pause A Scene ). P.S can u show the part of your script where you’re getting the error? :thinking:

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Still not working for me, not sure why! I’ll keep trying. Thanks!

can you show me your script? maybe i can figure it out

TARA (talk_unsure)
Hey. What’s going on?

    KYLE (deepbreath)
My parents.

    KYLE (idle_sad)
They don't want me seeing you anymore.

TARA (idle_terrified)

@pause for 5

I posted it below!

I have been trying several different pauses just trying to get it to work.


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@TARA starts idle_terrified
@pause for 5

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I tried this and I’m still doing something wrong :weary:
I basically just want to figure out how to do an emotion with a pause and without dialogue.

I will try this and get back to you!

Did it do what you wanted?

No, and I feel like I have tried literally everything :sob:

It basically wants me to add dialogue with my characters emotion. But I want to figure out how to use emotion without having to put dialogue.

It isn’t working for me, thank you though :weary:

This is INK btw, idk if that matters??

@pause for S

EG: idle_exhausted_loop and deepbreath.

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@Ash.M please let us know once this has been solved. Thanks! :smiley:

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