[PAUSED to catch up] Cover art and Splashes! Are you in need of a Cover or a Splash for your story?


Hi everyone! I am making free covers and splashes for anyone that wants one. I have a few rules you will need to know before you request! The covers may take 1 hour to 5 days.


  1. If using one of my covers for your story please remember to give me credit for my work.
  2. Don’t request a cover art if you’re not going to use it.
  3. You may ask twice for a redo if your not happy.
  4. I understand that maybe some cover art may not look like you expected. If you don’t like the cover please don’t give me any hate.

Information needed:

  1. Story name
  2. Author Name (Optional)
  3. Genre
  4. Short description about your story
  5. Large cover and/or Small cover
  6. Number of characters you want on the cover.
  7. Screen shots of the characters and their descriptions.
  8. Any certain backgrounds (Optional)
  9. Any other necessary information.
  1. Number of Splashes
  2. Text wanted on Splash(es)
  3. Author Name (Optional)
  4. Type of background (sad, romantic, dark, etc…)
  5. Screen shots of the characters and their descriptions you want on the splash. (Optional)

Here are some examples of covers I have made:

Here are some examples of splashes I have made:

I also have these simply backgrounds I made that you can use for free. No asking required or credit.

I can’t wait to help you!
LivLoveDance xxx

Cover Art Needed!
Cover Art Needed!
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I’m not requesting anything right now, just wanted to say they’re cool! :slight_smile:


Thanks :grinning:


Can you please make me a cover?


Sure, what would you like?
Private Message me the details!
Can’t wait to start!


Hi @LivLoveDance7
Can you do a cover for my story?


Now I’m back to request something for a member of my group Episode Royalty. These are the details for the cover she wants~

TITLE: Steal my heart

NAME: Episode Royalty

Style: INK

Genre: Romance

Character details:



  • Boyfriend Jeans

  • White Metallic Stripe Bracelet-

  • Brown Espadrilles Wedges

  • White Layered Crop Top

  • hair: fishtail braid (fawn)

  • face: defined Heart

  • eyebrows: smooth Arch

  • Eyes: Upturned Feline (brown)

  • Nose: soft natural

  • Mouth: Full Round (Bordeaux )

  • Body Ink Female Tan



  • Ripped Punk Pants

  • Black Plain Suit Shirt and Tie

  • Short cropped hair (Black)

  • Square jaw

  • Eyebrows: Thin Arch

  • eyes: Athletic round (green)

  • Nose button

  • mouth: classic (sand )

  • Body (Tan)


Christian the golden boy one night robs Leila’s house, from that day on they share this secret, but she didn’t plan to fall in love with him.

Thank you so much!

Winter xx


Yes, I can. I will need the details though before I start!


The story sounds great! I will start making the cover. :grinning:


Thank you so much! I don’t want to rush you or seem needy - just curious - but how long do you think it’ll take? :slight_smile:


We may live in different time zones but I hope to get it done tonight (it’s early morning where I am) otherwise no later then 3 days. I hope this is ok. I have stuff on that makes it difficult to find time for this - but I have already started planning yours!


That’s great. It’s evening for me but that sounds cool. :slight_smile:


@WinterMoon05 I have your large cover ready for you: I have 4 options that you can choose from:

Option 1: This has the characters in a primp and admire position with the heart tilted.

Option 2: This has the characters in a flirt_fingersnap and a flirt_coy position with the heart tilted.

Option 3: This has the characters in a flirt_fingersnap and a flirt_coy position with the heart straight.

Option 4: This has the characters in a primp and admire position with the heart straight.

I hope you like these! I will make the small cover now!

LivLovedance xxx


@WinterMoon05 Here is the small cover: I hope you like it. Don’t forget to credit me for my work! xxx

If you do like it - don’t forget to tell others! I really enjoy making covers and I thought that it would be nice to help others.
Don’t forget to tell me when you publish your story, so I can read it because it sounds epic.

Love LivLoveDance xxx


Hey, will you do cover for me, please? But I dont know when I will publish my story :slight_smile:
But I have a small request for you… I have picture in my mind how it should look:
On left side there will be MC in normal clothes(LILLY) and her crush from school (MARCUS) and her dad (Daniel), and on the other side there will be MC in edgy clothes(LILLY), her crush from punkrockers (TOM), her bf (JENNY) and friend BIBI, or something like that, like MC(LILLY) doesnt know where she belong

  1. Good girl gone bad
  2. Tess.S
  3. Romance/Comedy/Drama
  4. What will happen when a good girl starts hanging out with the punkrockers? Will she become one of them or will she stick to her good self?
  5. I wil be very grateful if you would do both small and big cover for me - it can be the same picture :slight_smile:
  6. 6 but MC two times
  7. I will send you the pics if you agree :slight_smile:
  8. Any background you want


@LivLoveDance7 Will let you know when it’s out if I remember lol. Sent you a PM. :slight_smile:


Hi Tess, your story sounds great. Yes I will love to make your cover!

Love Liv xxx


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Hair: Beach wave hair (Coral)
Face: Soft heart
Eyebrows : Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Toffee)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Full Round (Ruby Red)
Body: Ink Female Tan
Outfit : choose something :slight_smile:

JENNY - bf
Hair: Beach wave hair (Platinum Blond)
Face: Soft heart
Eyebrows : Seft Angled
Eyes: Almond Luxe (Blue)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Bordeaux)
Body: Ink Female Light
Outfit : choose her bad girl outfit

BIBI - friend
Hair: Long Braids (Pop pink)
Face: Soft heart
Eyebrows : Medium Curved
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)
Nose: Celestial
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Bubblegum Pink)
Body: Ink Female Light
Outfit : choose her bad girl outfit

DANIEL - dad
Hair: Modern Pompadour (Black)
Face: Chiseled Square
Eyebrows : Thick Arch
Eyes: Classis Round (Brown)
Nose: Roman
Mouth: Full Round (Taupe)
Body: Male Tan
Outfit : choose him something normal, its her dad

MARCUS - crush
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Blond)
Face: Square Jaw
Eyebrows : Thin Arch
Eyes: Classis Round (Blue)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Smirk (Terracotta)
Body: Male Tan
Outfit : choose him something normal

TOM - crush
Hair: Unstyled Faux Hawk (Black)
Face: Square Jaw
Eyebrows : Thick Straight
Eyes: Stoic Almond (Purple)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)
Body: Male Honey
Outfit : choose him bad boy outfit

I am really looking forward to see it. :slight_smile: Thanks again



Here is your covers. You have 2 options for the large cover. I hope you like it!

Option 1

Option 2


WOW :slight_smile: they are all amazing :slight_smile: I think that I will use the first one :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile: