[PAUSED to catch up Liv's Art Request Thread and Story Reviews! Character Edits, Profile Pics, Covers, Splashes, Story Reviews and MORE!

Hey Guys! I’m Back! To make covers, splashes and more!

If you haven’t seen my previous covers and splashes, check them out at my old thread:

Anyway, I’m back making free covers and splashes for anyone that wants one. I have a few rules you need to know before you request! The covers may take 1 hour to 5 days.

  1. If using one of my covers for your story please remember to give me credit for my work.
  2. Don’t request a cover art if you’re not going to use it.
  3. You may ask twice for a redo if you’re not happy.
  4. If you requested an art, don’t go requesting the same art from another artist just so you can use whatever you like better. This is really rude to both artists as they take time to make your art.
  5. I understand that maybe some cover art may not look like you expected. If you don’t like the cover please don’t give me any hate.

Please fill out the following forms if you want a cover, splash, etc… (Best option if wanting your request asap)





OR post the information down below with the following information needed:

    • Story name
    • Author Name (Optional)
    • Genre
    • Short description about your story
    • Large cover and/or Small cover
    • Number of characters you want on the cover.
    • Screenshots of the characters and their descriptions. Doing the actual pose you want on the cover
    • Any certain backgrounds (Optional)
    • Any other necessary information.
    • Number of Splashes
    • Text wanted on Splash(es)
    • Author Name (Optional)
    • Type of background (sad, romantic, dark, etc…)
    • Screenshots of the characters and their descriptions you want on the splash. (Optional) Doing the actual pose you want on the cover
    • Description of overlay
Background Edits
    • Background you want to be edited
    • Description of what you want to be edited
Story Reviews
    • Title:
    • Author:
    • Description:
    • Genre:
    • Style:
    • Cover:

Character Edits/Profile Pic

Some of the outlines are from other people that I have entered in there outline contest:

Large Covers

Small Covers


Background Edits

Changed from Demi background



Also, I have started making magazine covers, or book covers for stories. It can be used as a background or as an overlay: Here is an example. Please ask permission if you would like to use one:

Magazine Cover

Here are some options on how to credit me:

  • At the end of each episode, you can credit me for my art.
  • During the story, you use readerMessage when my art pops up.
  • You credit me on Instagram (@LivLoveDance7.episode)

  • Reopened

Here is my other thread:

I can’t wait to help you guys,
Love Liv xx


Hello i was wondering if you can do me a splash?

Sure, please send me the details

Okay i’ll private message you it

@Brianna_Marie Here are your splashes: I hope you like them!!! (Sorry, I moved to this thread!)

Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7


Thank you so much! What about the future episodes? Like Episode 4?

Just ask, and I will be happy to make more

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Can i request a cover please? :slight_smile:

Sure no problem. Either send me the character details here or fill in the form

Just finished the form, thank you :slight_smile:

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@cheesemaster101 here is your small cover: I hope you like it: Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7

That’s amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

@Episode here are your covers you requested. (I hope this is the right person) I hope you like it:

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@Days here is your covers you requested:

Here is the small cover:

Here is your large cover:

I hope you like this. Its a different format that Im used to making

@Raybadem here is your covers: I hope you like them! Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7

Alright thank you! But I couldn’t upload the splashes. It was only size 281x500. The size needs to be 640x1136. Is that ok? I’m sorry.

But I created it as 640 x 1136. That is strange. I will try again xx

Alright, thx! And yeah but it was in 281x500

Weird here is a screenshot of the website. It even says 640 by 1136

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@Brianna_Marie it must be how you downloaded it or something because it works for me:

Please check again, or download it again and see if it works. If it doesn’t pm me and we will try to work something out

best of luck xx

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