[PAUSED to catch up] Liv's Art Request Thread and Story Reviews! Character Edits, Profile Pics, Covers, Splashes, Story Reviews and MORE!


Oh I already got my Cover but do u make Profile Pictures?


Yes I can, can you plz send me the character you want on your profile pick


Hi Liv,

sorry was just wondering when my review would get done? If you cannot find the time to do it, it’s okay! You can cancel the request if that is the case.


I know I’m so sorry, I will stop what I’m doing and I’m gonna do it right now. Xx


Ah thank you but if you were doing anything important, please do it at a time good for you. Otherwise, hope you enjoy it :heart:


@Days here is your review. I AM so sorry for how long it took


Cover: I love the covers… I wonder who made it for you… The cover definitely makes me want to read your story

Story Description: Your description really intrigues me. It makes me want to click on the story and read it! Great Job!

Grammar: All good, nothing really to say here.

Plot: I LOVE the plot of this story. Its really intriguing, it makes sense and it makes me want to keep reading.

Dialogue: The dialogue is good. No speech bubbles are covering any faces. Nothing else much to say about this.

Choices: I like how we got to choose what our character was wearing, I like how some of the choices make an impact on the story. A few more choices I think wouldn’t hurt.

Chapter Length: The length of the chapters is good. I feel I spent my passes well.

Character Development: The characters are all individual and unique, which is very good. I feel I can connect with my character because I got to customize some parts of her.

Directing: Good use of zooms and spot directing. I love the voices inside the head with the angel and demon: very creative. I also love the relationship points.

Overall: The story was amazing and very interesting. The directing was fabulous and the grammar was excellent. Keep up the amazing effort and work. I also love how you requested one piece of art from different people so your not requesting all from one person.

@Popcat2010 here is your covers: I hope you like them! Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7 and follow me on Instagram!


@KatieC1 here is your splash. I hope you like it!


@xxfaithkargxx here is your covers. I hope you like it! Don’t forget to credit me @LivLoveDance7 and follow me on Instagram!


@carsyn.author here is your story review:


Cover: I absolutely love the cover! They are eye-catching and it makes me want to click on your story.

Story Description: The story description is great. Like the cover, It makes me want to click on your story and read it.

Grammar: The grammar is all good. Nothing much to say here.

Plot: The plot is very interesting. I like how you started the story in the present and then went into the past, great idea.

Dialogue: The dialogue is good. In some scenes the speech bubbles are covering the characters face

Choices: There are some choices in the story but not many. I feel not many of these choices make a big impact on the story, so maybe you could include something like this in your next episodes.

Chapter Length: I feel the length of the episodes are ok length. I feel my passes are well spent, which is good.

Character Development: The characters are well developed and individual in personalty and style. I feel if we were able to customise our character the person reading it will connect with them better. Maybe something to add. If you can’t customise the MC maybe someone else.

Directing: I love the overlays, great use of directing. Good spot directing and use of zooms. Makes the story very enjoyable. Great Work! Keep it up!

Overall: I am in absolute love with this story. Its so interesting and enjoyable. I can’t wait for more episodes to come out! Keep writing!


can i have a story review once you open up again?


Yes sure, please send me the details and I will do it as soon as I have time and reopen xx



OMG thank you so much for all your kind words and don’t worry, the review was so worth the wait! Yeah, I love to think that my story is a little exhibition for the talent here on the Forums :blush:


it’s called Hale Huna


Thank you so much, it looks really good, and I know that I’m probably being a pain in the ass, but if you can make it without the fangs… It’s really no problem if you can’t…


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The mermaid’s love

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Thanks for the splash! It’s amazing and I like it very much.


Hey! Can you please make a cover for my story.
Story name: BitterSweet
Backround: half hell half heaven (if possible)
The girl should be in the hell side (left)
And the boy should be on the angel side (right)
Also could they not be facing each other?
Like the girl faces left and the boy right? Tysm

Character details

Hair: Beach Wave (Chesnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (White)
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full round (Mocha)
Skin tone: Light
Eyebrows: Defined natural (I think)

The boy (tbh the boy lol)
Hair: Platinum blond (Short cropped)
Eyes: Deepset Piercing (Blue)
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Mocha)
Skin tone: (Honey)

Girl outfit

Boy outfit

Character poses:
Girl (flirt_wink)
Boy: (flirt wink)

Sorry if this is complicated!! You don’t have to do it but it’d be great if you did!! :wink:

Can the cover be large and small?
Even just small will do, thanks!




I’ll credit you tons!!!


I have submitted a form. :smile:


Can you do me any girl episode hair png


hey since you’re open, when will my review be done?


can i have art scene of these two characters kissing but i want it to be an illistration. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: