Payment for Excellent Stories


Episode is profiting from the work of talented directors and writers on this site.

Some users stories are so unique and creative, they deserve to be paid as professional staff writers.


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Some people do get paid.
There’s the payment program and in some cases, writers without that many reads get picked up to have their stories officially featured.



That still does not negate the fact that this company is profiting from the work of others.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here? You think that everyone should be paid?

Don’t forget that Episode is providing us a service. We can all use the writer’s portal (for free) to create our own stories and share them with others. None of the other interactive apps offer this.


If you don’t understand my statement, then you just don’t understand, it’s okay.

I am just making an observation.


I see where you’re coming from, but we have different opinions.
See, I see the writer’s portal as a free software that Episode is letting us use for free. No one else offers something like this where we can create animated, interactive stories for other people to play without paying a cent. So yes, we’re creating content that Episode arguably profit from however, some of those profits go back into the writer’s portal to develop assets for us to use for free.



You are one of writers I admire. I felt I was advocating for writers like you. However, if you enjoy the app, who am I to judge.


YES! I totally agree with you 100%. I’m going to keep saying this: Episode is a bit unfair to a certain extent. Not only do they make it hard for an author to REACH 500k reads in 60 across all of their stories to get paid, but they also make it hard for a less known author to become recognized. That’s how I see it.