Payment or refilled passes. What`s your choice?


Is it allowed to ask if you pay for unlimited reading or do you wait to get your passes refilled? I was just wondering. :smiley:
I usually pay, but right now I have many passes, so I just use them. What about you guys? :slight_smile:


I don’t usually read enough to run out of passes, and I never pay for things in games.


I always just buy the monthly unlimited passes package! I will binge read a lot, and it’s just much easier not having to worry about waiting for passes to refill/ad’s.
Though I have 40 passes saved up somehow lol


The idea of paying for fake things in games with real money is absurd to me, but forking over 11$ for unlimited passes feels more like paying for a Netflix subscription. If you read a lot of Episode stories I think it’s worth it, you’re paying for entertainment without commercial breaks and it’s not a steep fee.


I like paying for the unlimited because I can read more stories, without having to be more picky about if the story will end up being cringy and cliche since I can just go read a different one.


I guess I’m lucky not to have many favourites, I never felt like I should pay for passes. And when I’m looking for a new story, my passes are usually refilled by the time I actually find something good…


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I currently have the unlimited passes because I got sick and wanted to lie in bed binging stories lol. Normally I have more than enough passes so it’s not an issue for the amount of reading I do.
When I have unlimited passes I definitely read more than normal as I want to make the most of it =)


I’m broke fam - refills for me


I don’t like to pay in games to get something that I can easily get it for free


How do you pay for unlimited monthly passes the only options I have is being able to buy 37 passes that’s the most I can buy at a time.


When there’s a story with like 30+ chapters I want to read like, RIGHT NOW, I’ll use up all my passes and then buy the monthly pass. If there’s nothing I’m dying to read immediately, I’ll wait for refills.
Of course, buying the monthly pass has the added bonus of meaning that you get that daily free pass if you read 4 chapters, so you can save up like, 30 free passes while using it.


It should be at the end of the page in your app. :slight_smile: Just scroll to the end! If that doesn`t work, just ask Support. :slight_smile:


I agree with you! :smiley:
I save up passes too that way. It`s because of these daily challenges they always have though. I have like 118 passes or something, haha. xD


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