Payment Section Server glitch

So basically I opened the payment section nearly a week ago and I got all the necessary gems and reads to open it, I opened it at about 2 a.m. in the morning, I tried to fill out the payments but it kept on coming up with a server link, I thought it was just my phone so I waited until later morning to log in again on my computer, when I went back it said I needed 1k gems again to open it which confused me because it says when it’s open it stays open, I just let it be and I got the 1k in a couple hours and opened it again, it was still coming up with a server link and I contact episode on Sunday and they got back to me saying they’d get someone to email me but they never did, I waited 3 days and sent another email and still no reply, is this happening to anyone else or is it just me ?, the pictures of the times are down below please help me,all the time stamps prove that I did open it so I’m not sure what the issue is and why episode hasn’t replied to me💕

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idk… about payments lol.
but I see lots of threads regarding the writer payments these days.
so u r not the only one.

maybe try to contact them again? :thinking:

Idk but I read a similar problem in forum… 500 error, this occurs when u have used diff. Emails…That person then tried 5 diff. Emails to login and one of them worked… finally it worked…

if you write a ticket and react on it before they reply you, unfortunately, you pushed this way your ticket further to the bottom of the waiting list - Episode react on tickets as they come - so the older ticket are answered first.

It can take them several days.

But if you reply again on the ticket before they give you the answer the system will register the answer as a new date of the ticket so you will have to wait even longer for their response.

It looks like a technical bug / or an error to me.
My payment section works fine so its probably related to your account - so you have to wait on their response on the ticket - do not reply again or you will have to wait even longer.

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I’ve emailed them again this would probably be my 3rd time emailing and I reply and then no reply again

It can take up to a week till they reply to a ticket. At last from my experience.

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