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Hey!! I completed your outline :hugs:. Let me know if you want to me to do a completely different outline. I won’t mind. I love doing outlines


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I really like this one :heart_eyes: would it be possible if she were standing behind him instead of on his back? Kind of like she’s leaning against his back laughing? And can he have a shirt on underneath?

But ugh I seriously like this outline too… ahhh I can’t decide actually…

No you choose, but I’d love a shirt under his jacket if that’s possible. I’m sorry I don’t mean to seem demanding or anything :sweat_smile:

No no it’s fine :joy:. It’s up to you love on what you. I can make a totally different outline :blush::blue_heart:.

Ok what about, something like this? Maybe? Is that possible? If not, that’s ok :sweat_smile:

That’s going to be kind of hard to do, I don’t do well with free handing it :grimacing:

I think the first image would be easier to do, I’ll give it a try if want?

I understand :slight_smile: Ok let’s go with your original outline. My crazy a** was just thinking how I would incorporate into my scene :rofl: thank youuuuuu

No no it’s fine :joy:, if you like I can try to do the first image??

lol ok, pls try if you can. I’m sry I know I’m annoying :rofl: thank you so much

Nooo ur not :joy:

how is it going with my overlays?

if you can’t do them then let someone help you finish them, thank you.

I need them soon, sorry if I’m been pushy about them but I need them to public my chapters, thank you

:rofl::rofl: well thank you for being the first one to say I’m not :weary::rofl: and thank you again for trying

@Annasilveroriginal here is your splash if you want anything changed just say :orange_heart:

What are you requesting for A logo
Artist @RowenJ
What shape a rectangle
Theme Glitzy and Glamourous but not too over the top
Text Way to the Spotlight
Text font style I would like Spotlight to be in cursive while the rest could be in bold
Text colour White


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I am not going to request it

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Your request is litterally almost ready… I tried to do it as fast as possible :grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh is mines ready? :sunflower:

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Yep, you’ll have it this weekend! :blush:

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That’s because she got it from someone else.

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Omg… I have litterally spent 3 hours making it! This sucks so hard… :sleepy:
So that means she threadhopped?

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