Peachy's ARTober Contest! [Open]

This is a little late for an ARTober contest, but I’ve been intrigued at the thought of making a contest like this. Without furtherado, let’s begin right away, should we?

Below are information that explains what this contest is about, the rules and the prizes.

How this works

I was actually planning to do a series of art contests, 3 to be specific. For instance, there are 15 contestants in the first segment, only 8 would get into the next. However, I’ll decide that if I get enough contestants.

Moving on, the ARTober contest is just like a mood board contest, except that instead of many prompts, you’ll only get one. How to join the contest?

  • Choose a number from 1 - 30, then I’ll pm you your prompt.

  • You must make a drawing based on the prompt you got. It must be the main focus, example you got a pumpkin, you cannot make the pumpkin a simple handheld, that would make the model the main focus.

  • I will not accept edits! It can be any drawing from paper to episode and anime, you call it.

  • You can PM me your entry and you can also PM me directly if you want to ask for a prompt instead of posting here!


  • Strictly no plagiarism, any traces of stealing, copying or tracing an art piece that was created by another artist will hereby revoke your right to partake in any of my contests, make requests, be one of my models and/or asking for trades. However, if you have permission from the artist with proof, then I will accept your entry. (You’ll get a good deduction of points though for no originality)

  • If you’ll post your entry to instagram, tag me @/pxqchy_ so I can view your entry!

  • Originality and creativity is encouraged. Quality is good, but the capacity to create an original, unique art piece is even better!

  • Upon entry, remember to state the password: 30dayartober. Your entry will be ignored if you fail to do this simple condition.

  • I will only accept 2 maximum entries excluding if you made a minor mistake/forgot watermark/fix a simple thing.

  • Supposed to be an unspoken rule, since I’m sure all of us know that entries must be appropriate and follows Episode’s Guidelines, well, except for the gun part lmao. This means no hate speech, drug encouragement, edits that are offensive to an individual. You know it.

  • If you need an extension, feel free to tell me. But my goal is to avoid extensions, so please do try to finish your entry on time.

  • If your edit is gorey or something that makes other people uncomfortable, please blur or hide it and put a warning on your post!

  • Have fun and make sure to enjoy!

Note: Not absolutely necessary, but I’d prefer if you tag a few people cuz’ I’m lonely lol


Depending on the number of contestants, I may increase or reduce the number of winners.

1st Place

  • 2 Edits (Maximum of 2 characters, knees up), review and promotion of your story (If N/A, a cameo in my story), a follow on instagram and a spam of hearts.

2nd Place

  • 1 Edit (Maximum of 2 characters, waist up), review and promotion of your story (If N/A, a cameo in my story), a follow on instagram and a spam of hearts.

3rd Place

  • 1 Edit (Maximum of 1 character, torso up), a review of your story (If N/A, a cameo in my story) and a spam of hearts on instagram.

I accidentally deleted the photos in my storage so I can only best provide my instagram for more examples: @pxqchy_

DEADLINE: November 30th

Available Numbers:
The ones with ‘taken’ next to them are unavailable.

  1. Taken
  2. Taken
  3. Taken
  4. Taken
  5. Taken
  6. Taken
  7. Taken
  8. Taken
  9. Taken
  10. Taken
  11. Taken

Yay I’m here first! :joy::revolving_hearts:

:sparkles:I’d like prompt number 27 please!:sparkles:



i’d like # 19 pls ! <3

5 please


number 15 please…


Hmm… 24


I promise I shall state the password once I am sure I’m gonna enter it.

I can get it done by Oct 21th.

18 please!


Probably because I never tagged anyone :joy:
You can state the password upon entry anyway :blush:

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1 please :heart:


Prompt number 23 please.
I love the premise of this.

Bump! :yay:
Less than 11 days left

@epsd_riaa @lvqbrl @Zagical @RowenJ @Jubels @Turtle_Cat @AMagic @Linlin330 @Defenestration


I’ll take 21 pls


I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it but can I enter?

If so 30dayartober could I have number 25 please?

I can extend the deadline! There are no entries yet ;’( :pensive:

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You could try tagging people from other contests

Here is mine I got dolls as my category

I am so sad this came out blurry and I feel really bad​:sob::sob:


Here’s It without the background

Do you mind extending it? I do want to enter but I just don’t have time to make this deadline :persevere:

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Of course!

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Thank you for entering! I love that! :blush::two_hearts:

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The deadline is extented to : November 30


@epsd_riaa @lvqbrl @MG_789 @RowenJ @Jubels @Turtle_Cat @AMagic @Linlin330 @Defenestration