Peeps may not like classic bc it looks different

Sometimes people might. not like a person or something BC it is different, something they are not used to, they may not like the style bc it is new.

People said that they loved it after they got used to it.

every time something new comes, peeps seem to it.

It is new, even some people say that don’t cast others bc they look different. (although it is bad to judge by looks – I mean, we are all human biscuits- BEINGS! BEINGS!! GAHHH, AUTO-CORRECT!!! CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU)


:joy::joy: the last part and yeah you are right

Haha true. We are all just human biscuits :joy: May I ask what the point of this thread is, though? I loooove Classic, btw :two_hearts:

Just a thought on why peeps would not like classic

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Ah, I get ya :smile:

I had Campus life which was before Episode and it was in the Classic style I just thought it was pretty ugly tbh. This was before I had Ink or Limelight to compare it to.