Pending Review (for Cover) HELP


So I just made the cover for my story and it still says “Pending Review” any chance when will Episode approved my cover? 6


It all takes time, dearie. There might be many other people waiting for their covers to get approved. The people who submitted before you will most likely get theirs checked before yours. It’s just in a matter of time and patience.


It depends really. I have waited almost a week for mine to be approved.
My advice: be patient.
I worked on my story so much, that I almost forgot about the cover.
And when I finally checked, it was approved.


Thank you! <3 I’m just new here so i don’t know much stuffs thank you for the information :smiley:


Thank you <3 I’ll just continue my story then until they can check on mine <3


Yup, that is the best thing you can do. No problem :slight_smile:


Patience is key, really.


as all everyone say Patience is a Virtue <3 hehe Thank you again :smiley:


I don’t really say that, lol.


then mostly everyone? XDD




Closing as the original question seems to have been answered :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who responded!