Pending: Update to Skin Tones and Naming Conventions

Hey Episodians,

Today we’re going to be releasing the updated changes to the skin tones that we previewed last week in this post, along with the updates to the naming conventions for some of the skin tones. The skin tones that will be updated are:

Gold 6 -> Gold 06
Neutral 2 -> Neutral 02
Neutral 9 -> Neutral 09
Rose 4 -> Rose 04
Rose 9 -> Rose 09

This change will be coming out some time today. We’ll also update this post once we release the update.


The Episode Team

Update Change Gold 9 to Rose 9 that will be having a change in naming convention.

Update (07/24) Due to some complications the update to skin tones and naming conventions will go out likely some time today or tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion!

Update (07/24) Changes are now live! Please report below if you see any issues after the update.


Hi @Jesse, do you think the updated skin tone changes should help fix the glitch for certain characters changing skin tones in the middle of an episode? Either way, super excited for the update!

If you notice it happening I would say to message us when it happens. We tried to reproduce the last one that happened but we weren’t able to get it to happen on our devices. Please do let us know if it does happen so we can work to help you out!

A little nervous that all the characters that I’ve changed to look like how they were pre skin-tone release are going to have to be changed again :joy: (and that everyone who customised after the update is going to complain now lol).
But I’m guessing this will be the final update to tones? :slight_smile:


Dear @Jesse,

These new skin tones look amazing on our characters! Sadly, we still do have rigs around Deepset Downturned eyes for the female characters. Is there a way to modify the eyes so it doesn’t look like that anymore?


Here is the problem for the reference.



My MC has Deepest Downturned and I LITTERALY have never seen those circles.

I guess they are fixing it but it hasn’t rolled out everyone :thinking:

I guess so. :thinking:

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We’ll be making a ticket for it but we probably won’t be able to get to it immediately due to the intricacy of faces. It’s something we’ll be aiming to eventually get to though.

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@Jesse - is it possible to rename Beige Green Light into Light Green? Just wondering :heart:
It’s the only long color name left.

The updated skin tones look AMAZING. Yay for no more ashy characters :clap::clap::clap:

I’ve always noticed the rings around the eyes since limelight has been released, with any skintone :slight_smile:


Are you also going to release the new character features too

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no they are not that’s still in the works.

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I was a bit distraught when the changes first rolled out but I adapted and now my charcaters look fantastic…better than before, can’t wait to see features like freckles and beards :heart:


I don’t think it is just the Deepset Downturned female eyes that have rings around them. It seems to me that a few of the other types seem to have rings around them too, like Monolid Slender (although it is less pronounced).

hey does anyone know how to change my character’s skin colour in the middle of an episode? INK STYLE
I wrote @CHARACTER changes Skintone into Olive but it won’t work, someone please help meee

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color Name

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