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Request Completed!
Lemme know if u need any changes be it the size or anything :heartbeat:

is there anyone that can do ink art ?

Love this, going to bookmark for later!

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Ummm ? @AvalonOlivia

Is @AvalonOlivia available?

I’m not sure where she has gone.

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Thanks for letting me know :blush:

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Are you open?

We are

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Is @AvalonOlivia available?


Password: Penguino :penguin:
Color: Blue/ Pink
Reference or inspiration: GUEST_dd070710-70ed-486b-b740-ae7eeb9d1c8f
How many you need: 1
Time limit: July 19th
Thank you! Take your time! :blush:

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She hasn’t been active recently, so I’m unsure!


Custom pose
Password - Penguino :penguin:
Artist/Editor- @AvalonOlivia

Character details-

Skin tone - Light
Brow - Defined natural
Hair - Beach wave color - black
Eye - Upturned feline color - Toffee
Face - Oval
Nose - upturned
Lips - Full round Color - Bordeaux


LL Or Ink- Ink


This in full body or half body leaving some space at the top.


Use any bg of your choice…just of light colour as my text overlays are purple coloured.

Height (Waist up,full body or shoulder up)
This isn’t part of the form but after you give me the form i will tell you if i can do it or notbboy

Hi! Who were you requesting from?


Oh, alright. I can’t seem to find your request though. Did you delete it?

I think so let me put it back up.

2 characters on three art scenes and 1 character on the cover the cover is only face and one of the art scenes is only hands holding each other and another is full body but the other one is half full body.

Example (a girl sushing, facing left)

Example: (girl holding boy’s hands)
Pin on Słodkie tapety

Example: (a girl and boy kissing)

Example:(a boy looking face to face with a girl)
Seriously need a good art scene artist <3 - Art Resources - Episode Forums

51 Episode ideas | episode choose your story, episode choose your, episode

Character body features

Background information: She was kidnapped when she was a baby, and got raised by her abductors. On her family trip with her abductors she met a boy and from then on her life would change.

Body type: Female Athletic Body

Skin color :Copper 02

Eyebrows: Arched Natural Scar

Eyebrow color: Black Dark

Hair: Long Feathered

Hair color: Chestnut Brown

Eyes shape: Delicate Almond Falsies

Eye color: Blue Green

Face shape: Diamond

Nose shape: Defined Natural

Lip shape: Full Heart Pouty

Body Character

Body type: Male Athletic Body

Skin color: Copper 02

Eyebrows: Straight Medium Scar

Eyebrow color: Black Dark

Hair: Wavy Messy

Hair color: Black Dark

Eyes shape: Male Deep Sunken

Eye color: Blue Deep

Face shape: Chiseled Angular

Nose shape: Straight Pointed

Lip shape: Medium Heart

Alright, I should be able to do most of these. I have a couple requests somewhere else that I have to do first though.