Penthouse Backgrounds + Overlays Day/Night

Hi forums :two_hearts:

I’m writing my first story Prohibited Feelings (chapters 1-3 are out) which is a mafia story.

I’m struggling to find some backgrounds with overlays to put into my story. At the moment, I’m struggling with finding an entrance hall/living space with glass windows (a penthouse) for my characters to walk into once coming through the front door. I have found one I’d like to use from google, however with it not being a created background there is no “night” version nor does it have overlays.

Would appreciate the help, will also credit you for your work through my story. Thank you x

Just for the record, you cannot use google images for backgrounds. Almost everythunf found on search engines and places like Pinterest are copyrighted and could create legal issues as well as having your story removed.
All images used need to be free for commercial use. The box you tick when uploaded absolves Episode of any liability and confirms that you have the legal right to use the material.
Do not just presume if they approve it then that is fine because they get thousands of submissions daily, they might miss a few, but it still doesn’t mean it won’t be an issue later :blush:

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Thank you, I only just started looking for backgrounds on there as an alternative so I’m glad I didn’t go fully deep into that :sweat_smile:.

Do you know any threads with talented artists that I could get some backgrounds from, thank you for replying by the way I wasn’t expecting a response so soon 🩷

Of course, no problem. We were all new here once, it is helpful to learn these things the easier way than the hard one haha.
As for artists who have backgrounds, there are many, depending on the style you are looking for, I am sure there will be someone or something.

I myself, make backgrounds. Mine are compiled into drives but are available for permanent access for a one-off payment. On top of that, I do also do commissions.
If that is of interest to you, then you can find more information and examples via my thread on here (go to my profile and hit topics and it’ll be on there, can’t share it just this sec) or you can see my work and fees etc on my Instagram:
@ cheyaraskadi_writer

Thank you a lot for the help 🩷

The style I like for backgrounds is a mix of realistic images (why I went looking on google) and original episode backgrounds. Like your deluxe backgrounds for example (you’re so incredibly talented by the way 🩷).

However I have tried Paypal before but the app doesn’t seem to work for me at least for some reason :sweat_smile:, so artists who create or edit backgrounds for free of charge would be a better option for me.

Thank you :blush: I don’t know of anyone who makes realistic backgrounds for free, personally. All of the background creators that I know of take PayPal or Ko-Fi like me, or do Patreon monthly subscriptions.

If you are looking for free images you are probably best to look on image websites where they are free for commercial use: Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash.
But depending on what you want edited, you may or may not find someone willing to make that. And naturally, overlays will need to be created from that too :blush:

Thank you so much for the help xx

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You can also try there’s a filter for free use images and they have curated images so they’re high quality. I don’t know much about editing on a larger scale but I can make minor adjustments and I could cut out overlays for you if that would help :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve just checked their website and their photos are phenomenal thank you for that 🩷

I’ve just looked into how to edit overlays from these photos so that would be a big help :sweat_smile: x

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No problem, if you want to PM me the background when you find one, I’ll help you out on the overlays :slight_smile:

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