People are starting to leave the community because of how Episode more annoying :(

Nowadays, people don’t really use the Episode app anymore. Only few people still read on the app apart from authors. Even the company itself is making the app toxic. You have to work harder to get a read,.Back then, you can publish a crappy story and get a million reads…What do you think about this, guys?


Well, it depends on the genre! Romance is much harder to climb up the ranks on since it’s the most popular genre on here. The most popular stories have millions of reads. That’s a lot of users.

But when it comes to genres like horror, scifi and thriller for example, it’s easier since less stories are published within the genre.

I’d say it’s the matter of genre you’re story is. Alot of readers gravitate towards romance stories, and unfortunately the majority of those stories are mafia related.


It’s harder to climb up in any genre though in general, since now it’s not just reads that account for your rank, but also the number of gems spent on your story.

This forces many author’s to put gems in their stories, and we all know most of us want nothing with gems and gem choices.

Episode is ruining the whole binge aspect as well and “choose your story” they promote and advertise.


What i noticed is that because there are so many stories that fit into romance and drama and you could say its harder to trend because of it. Now a lot of stories that are under comedy aren’t actually comedy. Yes, the MC or LI may have a few come backs, and a few laughs but that doesn’t make a story comedic


Yeah, and some stories don’t even align with the genres they were put in.

For example, let’s say there was a “mAfiA” story in a Romance genre. Except, there’s little to no romance in it and it’s mainly just action.


That is true …:pensive: unfortunately but I still ain’t giving up.


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Yeah. A lot of the Episode authors who are “big”, had little to no competition as many of them started writing their story games when the app was fairly new. You could literally throw any old thing together, and you’d get LOADS of reads. It was much much easier for them.


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