People ask for too much

I’ve said this once before in someone else’s thread and I’ll say it again exactly as I said last time…

I think people expect way too much from each other on here…we have to keep in mind that mainly everyone is a new writer and they dont know much and if they are familiar with how things work keep in mind that they wont be able to reply to you ASAP youre not the only one with the same problem, and they will most likely be busy helping others, and/ or busy working on their own stories, or busy with their daily lives that do not consist of being on the forums 24/7. And this doesn’t just doesn’t apply to writers, it also applies to artist as well we expect way to much from them. We have to keep in mind that they are doing this for free they aren’t getting paid to do this art work for you, yet some of us expect to be the only one they work for or some us feel like we deserve special treatment and we should be at the top of the waiting list, or we expect for the art to be done at a certain time, when In reality it doesn’t work that way, you have to be patient, if you want amazing art work be patient good art takes time, it can not be rush, but also be respectful, don’t rush the artist, don’t insult them just because they didn’t bring you to the top of the list,

Honestly at the top of the screen :arrow_upper_right: there is a magnifying glass :mag: search for what you need and read through the thousands of replies to see if people have already asked for what you need…and most likely they probably may have already… I see the same thing over and over and over again and it has already been answer.

And If you have already done that and you still see no post about it then maybe then you should create a thread saying something like soo i looked everywhere blah blah blah and nothing so i was wondering if anyone knows how to blah blah blah

Look I get it the forums is a place to ask for help get to know people share your stories etc. but really when you see the same thing being asked over and over again it’s just makes you wonder if people even try to search up to see if it has been answered or if they just want people to had them their script for them and then what’s the point of your name being on the story if you didn’t even write it…

Anyways I apologize to anyone who gets offended I guess…it really wasn’t my intention to offend you I just wanted to do a little mini rant I suppose and share what was in my mind.

Hope y’all dont hate me, and if you do well I could give to fucks honestly




True . Dat . :point_up:


they get to impatient :sleepy:


So true.


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This is so true.

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