People Asking For More Reads 📚

Sorry if there is already a topic about this

Hey everyone

I have noticed a lot of times that people make topics called Help me get more Reads! or Why do I have low reads and even Help me get my story featured. I don’t like when people do that. Your story is not the only one that wants more reads. If someone wants more reads then the best way is to promotor your story not ask people. A read should not be forced. U should read it for choice and enjoyment. I have a story myself and I don’t have a lot of reads but I just live with that and promote my story on threads and move on and hope people like it when they read it Anyway, I wanted to say this because I think it should be heard. If u want to have more reads then do one of the following:

- Promote your story on a thread but not just in a random thread like a role playing thread or an art request thread because it has nothing to do with the topic. Just in a promoting your story thread

- Participate in an R4R

That is the best way to get more. If u read someone’s story then they will read yours.

That is all. I’m sorry if this seems a little harsh. If I just don’t like it. There are lots of stories out there and not just concentrate on one.

Comment down below what u think of this :point_down:.

Have a lovely day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

~ Kit Kat


preach :clap::clap::clap:


I agree. yes it is hard to get reads. we all struggle.


That is true it is a real struggle but it dosent mean someone has to make a thread saying Help me get more reads or something. Promote instead

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Preach :clapping: And some people have “PLEASE READ MY STORY” as their username on the app. That’s not good because it’s less likely that ppl will check out your story. Promoting in the wrong categories, promoting without reading the first post and demanding/asking to get more reads isn’t a good thing to do. Instead promote your story in the right category. If you make a post about it, highlight the good things about your story instead of saying “read my story NOW plz”


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