People From The Old Version Of Episode Forums, Come Together!



So, I’ll try to make this as short as possible.

So as you may already know, before the Episode Forums, we all are using right now, existed the older version of the same internet page. When the Forums were updated, all the previous accounts were reset and many people from the old forums changed their usernames when resetting their accounts. That leads me to the reason, why I created this topic.

How can I help you?

If you had an account in the older version of Episode Forums, please write your username below even if you didn’t change it when joining the new, current version.

Why should I do it?

Good question! So as you may have already guessed, I was in the old Forums too. Now, after being an active member in the new ones as well, I’ve found many new friends here, but I still remember and miss the people from the old Forums.
Today, I saw my friend from the older version of Episode Forums, @Mia, or MiaTheDuckling as some of you may remember. She reminded me and made me miss my old friends even more. Maybe you miss some people from there as well? So please help us with commenting below.

So please, all elder Episodians,

(If there even are any)
Let me, let us know that you still exist!

If anyone should remember me somehow, then I haven’t changed my username, same old Caroly.episode .
I hope there still are some of us here!

Love, Caroly

Btw, check out this list below, do you remember any of these people?

Elder Episodians discovered so far:

@Mia (MiaTheDuckling)
@Chocolate_Mama (JesusLover2.0)
@Eleanor_W-15 (Not sure about the old name)
@dqrkskinqueen (Stephotte)
@QueenChid (Chidimma)
@Once (Once Upon A Time)
@Cam (Cam Boulder)
@EpisodeGirl (EpisodeGirl5678)
@Lady-Mehek (Mehek)
@PurpleRose (Purple Rose)
@LumTwo (Lum)
@FallenAngelNight13 (Not sure about the old name)
@Trying_To_Help / @NEW_IDEAS


Wow I was only there for a few moment :joy:


Me! :raising_hand_woman:

But I posted here and there on the old forums so you probably haven’t seen a lot of me lol.


Did you have the same username?


Actually, no accounts from the old forums were deleted but were reset when they transferred to the new forums. I am still using the exact same account (with the same username) that I had from the old forums. The accounts were wiped completely (all posts, threads, etc.) but some threads and old posts were transferred as well, though.

Also, I think I remember their explanation for that was because the current forums uses Discourse, which works with Javascript while the old forums used VBulletin which works with PHP… so it would’ve been impossible to transfer fully or something like that.


Yep! I just transferred my account.


Yeah, thanks for reminding me.


Most people don’t know this but me! I don’t remember my username though that’s the thing… :slightly_frowning_face:


Woah, I didn’t know it either


I remember trying to log back in but I was too late. :expressionless:


Oh yeah… I was so confused at first when the update happened.


Me too! I was like huh? I think I joined last year in November. Which is nearly a year ago :astonished:


Woah… Well you’ll soon be 1 year old then :sweat_smile:


Yeah. Too bad my old account was wiped away lol.


Yeah haha


Btw maybe @k.w.episode and @Eleanor_W-15 are Epi elders as well?


Yeah they are. @Eleanor_W-15 is a community member and @k.w.episode says in her bio that she had that account on the old forums.


OH YES!! THEN I REMEMBERED CORRECTLY!! @k.w.episode @Eleanor_W-15 check out the thread!!!


Me my old account was @Stephotte


Woahh look at this screenshot from 2014 forums I found :scream: