People I don’t understand

*I don’t understand why people have to make fun of bigger people at the gym. It’s very discouraging and hurtful; that is like making fun of a homeless person for looking for a job. Stop discouraging people that are trying to get their life together.

*I don’t understand why people make fun of those who wanted or got plastic surgery but they got it done themselves. I don’t care if someone chooses to get plastic surgery but don’t be such a hypocrite by mocking them when you got one yourself.

*I don’t understand why people like to push us women to have children. First of all, it’s none of your business if women don’t want kids. No one is obligated to have any kids or get married. There’s a lot of people who don’t make great parents.

*I don’t understand why most low maintenance girls drag girls for being high maintenance. Again, it’s one of these pickme girls who think they’re better than girls who want to wear make up & dresses.

*I don’t understand why people get offended when someone likes Hawaiian pizza. Telling them to kill themselves over liking Hawaiian pizza doesn’t make you the bigger person.

*I don’t understand people who are only friends with you because of money. Sorry, I don’t let people leech onto me financially.

*I don’t understand people who drag other people into their pointless drama.

*I don’t understand people that push you to talk about something you don’t want to talk about especially when it’s something very upsetting. This may sound controversial but some people are like rapists, they don’t get that no means no.

*I don’t understand why people think it’s wrong for a fully grown woman to wear clothes that accentuate their figure or show some skin but think it’s acceptable for little girls to wear such skimpy clothes.

*I don’t understand why parents don’t discipline their kids enough that they go too easy on them by spoiling them in the wrong ways.

I don’t know what else to write but feel free to write down what you don’t understand about people.


Serious thing right here! LIKE WTH YOU RUSHING THE LADIES FOR? If they dont want to have kids, then they dont.

I hate the fact like when your done with school, its always boyfriend n girlfriend crap, then theirs pregnancy then theirs the drama.


I don’t understand why people find people ,who want to be alone from time to time, weird…


@Kaju lets get talking on this one.


I dont understand why people like to bother you or call out your name just to seek attention and it embarrasses you.


Tell me about it. Like that is unnecessary!


Exactly. Sometimes it’s best to be alone than be around bad company.


I don’t understand people who basically will change themselves for a love interest. Like, be yourself everyone.


some people just like to get offended over nothing

  • I don’t understand people who stigmatize mental illness
  • I don’t understand people who attack others for their political beliefs
  • I don’t understand people who like reality shows.
  • I don’t understand people who push others to talk about sensitive topics. I don’t wanna discuss it!

People I don’t understand…
People rejoining abusive relationships. It’s not good to be beaten, accused, threatened, or ignored every day. No one deserves that. To go back to your abuser is just insanity; only a crazy person does the same thing repeatedly and expects a different response.


I don’t understand why people have to be so sensitive about everything. Like, I used to be a cry baby… when I was A BABY. Seriously, I had to grow thick skin when I was 8 because life is rough and not fair about half the time.

I don’t understand the stigma of “boys can’t be raped or sexually abused.” There aren’t many cases because guys have super big egos and don’t like to be vulnerable, but if they do decide to start opening up, some super ultra feminazi starts getting all up in their face like it doesn’t matter since the guy is not a girl. (This has happened in front of me a couple of times)

I don’t understand why the company I work for hired someone to be the General Manager even though she had never worked for the company before, and now the store is going to crap and I might lose my job because the District Manager hired a crappy General Manager :-1:


I don’t get it either. I remember I used to have this friend who did that after the guy gave her a black eye just because she was messaging one of her friends from Australia about someone she shouldn’t be talking about. When I told her to not get back with him, she decided to do that because she didn’t want to be one of these typical domestic abuse victims. It was so stupid!!


It sickens me when people don’t care about male victims of anything that they like to throw them under the bus.


I don’t understand why people don’t treat each other as equal. EVERYONE is equal, but some people don’t seem to get that and I don’t understand why


Exactly … I just can’t understand … stupid people 🤦🤦🤷🤷


I dont get parents who like to yell at their kids in public, and people will be looking at u, and its an embarassing.


Tell me about it. It’s ridiculous!


Yet they call us “embarrassing” I know how you feel