People not showing up?


@RYO spot 1.352 161 AND RYO is laugh_guffaw
@pause for 5
@RYO is laugh_guffaw
@pause for 5
@remove RYO

@HARUTO spot 1.352 161 AND HARUTO is deepbreath
@pause for 5
@remove HARUTO

THese two people don’t show up when I run the script, what am I doing wrong??


They may be in the opposite zone?

Did you say anything with ‘zone’ at all?
(You can check by going Ctrl + F and then typing in zone)


You need three numbers after spot


It is a one-zone background


I feel… derranged


Yeah, forgot about that :joy::joy:


The third number is missing. :slight_smile:


You’re too fast, lol.


Heh yeah :sweat_smile:


I’ve had a problem like this too. Basically there are three numbers. The first number is the scale. In your case, something like 1.321. The second number is the x coordinate and the third is the y coordinate. The x coordinate is how horizontally the character is, and the y coordinate is how vertically the character is. Try adding the y coordinate, since you haven’t already done so. I have a problem where I do all that, and the characters still don’t show up, in my stories, and when I read other stories. If that’s the case, try exiting from your story, and going right back, should work.