People of color that is never shown in the stories


Do you feel like your culture is left out?
Would you like a MC that represents you?
Which culture have you seen the least?
What’s the biggest diverse story?

Currently writing a story and I want it to be diverse, so feel free to answer and ask questions. :heart:


Yes thts why i like CC stories(preferably CC stories with branching choices) hate playing as a character who doesnt look like me(though i can i just prefer seeing “me” and making choices) i mean this in the most not racist way possible.
Ppl argue black ppl are represented enough on the app(or life in general) but not in a respectful way(backround characters/rude or both)(hairstyles another issue) i still get shocked when i see us on tv or in movies or even portrayed as artsy or shy or quirky(outcast/introverts/the list goes on)anything thts not a sterotype.
I also dont see too many other cultres in general but i cannot speak for them.
I have not seen too many diverse stories but they are there(my favs cyberpunk and queen of freaks)(though not sure if its cuz my mc is black either way i like it n.n) ive heard other stories such as instant princess but there is definently room for more race diversity


About me feeling like my culture is left out or not in a story, it depends on where the story takes place. For example, if I didn’t find many Indian people in a story that takes place in Japan, I wouldn’t want the author to throw authenticity and realism out the window just to fit a certain diversity mold.

I feel like a lot of writers feel a certain pressure to fit USA diversity standards even with stories that don’t even take place in the USA or in parts of it where there just isn’t such a multicultural population. Sometimes it comes off as forced and try-hard, and it can quickly backfire since the writer might not know enough about a certain culture they’re trying to portray in their story.

Besides, more than wanting to see more cultural diversity in stories (which, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for), I really want to see more characters with disabilities and have them be portrayed properly. I rarely see any characters who are blind, deaf, in a wheelchair, or suffer from any kind of physical handicap or mental illness or disorder apart from the most common ones like depression.

But as I’ve mentioned above, don’t feel forced to make your cast more diverse if it feels just like that: forced. If you feel like you’ll be throwing authenticity and realism out the window and bring in stereotypes, just stick to what you’re more acquainted with while doing more research on the side and adding more experiences into your life.

Anyway, those were my summed up opinions and I wish you luck with your story :blush:

EDIT: “Would you like a MC that represents you?”
Sure, but I also like to follow another character’s story (:

DISCUSSION : Races in Episode

Do you feel like your culture is left out?
Probably… but I got used to that since my culture is always forgotten. Generally, I feel like too many stories are set in the US. It would be nice to see the story which takes place in Kanada, Russia, India etc. To me the diversity is also connected with the different counties, their customs, habits etc. It is so refreshing to find a story which is set in some unique, beautiful place.

Would you like a MC that represents you?
No. I don’t want the MC to represent me. I want to see nicely created character, who has more than one character trait (which is too often “naive”) and has an interesting personality, somebody I could root for not feel embarrassed for her actions coughts like in featured stories coughs . I feel like too many characters are just flat, plain and unrealistic.

Personally, I agree that diversity adds dimension not only for the character but also to the whole story! I wish there was more about it.


In my story my main characters are both African, the girl is Ghanian and French and the boy is full Nigerian, and I made sure the rest of my characters looked different as in skin tones. I did find that there is lack of coloured people in episode stories so I decided to make my main characters black and mixed.


There should be more people with disabilities, color, I want more VARIETY!
Sorry if that’s rude or demanding, I have a cast and I’m filipino. so yeah


My story’s main characters are mostly people of color. Even for my background characters I use every shade available that Episode has since I don’t really see that with other stories.


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