People saying "Bravo" trigger me, RIP


This really comes out of the blue, but when people say “Bravo” triggers me ¯_(ツ)_/¯
It’s mostly because they don’t use it in the right way, since they use “Bravo” just with everything that breathes.
I, being a living vocabulary that even corrects professors, just wanna say a thing:
Italians’ adjectives change between male and female, unlike English.
“Bravo” is used when referred to a single person whit male pronouns.
“Brava” is used when referred to a single person with female pronouns.
“Brave” is used when referred to a group of two or more, but only if it’s made exclusively by people with female pronouns.
“Bravi” is used when referred to a group of two or more, it is used when the group is male pronouns-only or if there are both people with male or female pronouns.

I don’t know why I wrote this, I just needed to.
When people make mistakes with basic Italian things, may them speak it or not, I just feel the need to explain them what is the actual right way.
That is probably why my teacher loves me, lmao

I’m not trying to tell you that you have to change how you say it or that is wrong (Techinally it is in Italian, but Italian also takes words from English and uses them in another way), I’m just trying to share something.


Hey there!

You might not be aware that other languages exist, such as French where this is derived from.

“Bravo” is an Italian word and you’re completely right!

But don’t brag about the fact that you think you’re correct.

Bravo means congratulations to both genders in French. French is where it comes from.


Bravo Miss_Moonlight :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Showing off my french skills :wink: thanks!


En français, on dit “bravo” pour toute personne et toute chose, soit au singulier, soit au pluriel, soit au masculin, soit au féminin. Brava, bravi, brave sont italiens, non francisés.


Uhm… Here is Serbia bravo is a word people always use while trying to compliment someone…


Half the time when people say ‘bravo’ they’re being sarcastic


Well I should say here anyways as other cultures and places say it differently…




I know (Tbh, people here also say that to mess with others), I was just trying to explain why it can be really strange for an Italian hearing someone say that. I’m not trying to tell you that you must say it in another way, just like many other words that come from a certain language and becomes common use also in other languages.
Hell, Italians twist words from other languages and use them not-always-how-it-originally-is daily.


Lol yeah.
But in school this is what happens:
Oh Bravo! You made a D instead of an F!


That comment left me confused, to be honest.
I don’t get if you’re trying to say that the word “Bravo” comes from French or if it started getting used (It’s 2 A.M., forgive my bad English) in other places from French.
But anyway, I don’t get why you had to be so passive-aggressive about it. I’m literally just trying to share something from my culture that you (maybe) didn’t know, I’m not trying to brag about it or tell you you’re doing it wrong.


“Bravo coglione, e mo’ che fai?”
“Bravo, asshole. What you gonna do, now?”
It’s literally the most common phrase with ‘bravo’ that you can here from your friends, here, LMAO




Are you really fast at opening notifications and replying or were you in the thread in that moment? Because if that is the first one, then bravo. It hurts, but I did it c’:


I’m not aggressive, and I completely respect your culture. It’s french


Idk for sure…


I’m still confused about what you mean with your comment, to be honest-
But I didn’t felt like you were being disrespectful to my culture with your comment, it made me feel attacked for sharing what I said.


Both? I admire those who can reply quickly to a notifications, it always takes me at least five minutes of mental films in my head to reply to almost anything : /


Lol, I hate being in a pm and someone doesn’t reply for 5 hours so I ignore them half the time fornicate 10 :woman_shrugging: