People that I cannot stand


So I’m like an hour ahead of you then!




What’s it like in England? I’ve always wanted to go there but unfortunately I’m not allowed to go outside of the country :frowning:


Aw how comes?

I’m not sure how to explain about life in England tbh even though I was born and raised there. I live in the capital city of England but in the suburb of London.


Have you ever been in Germany before?


I have when I was 13. I went to Cologne. Where abouts in Germany do you live?


I live in Frankfurt :grin:


What is it like over there?


It’s very beautiful and historical and also kinda depressing at the same time to be in Germany. Germany is a wonderful place for photography or to learn about the awful Holocaust :frowning: There’s also concentration camps that you can see in Germany from WW2


I thought it was in Austria.


No, There’s some concentration camps in Austria but most of the camps are in Germany.


My bad. I never been to that area but I do remember going to Amsterdam and came across Anne Frank’s house


Oh cool! How was it because like I said before, I’m not allowed to leave the country.


3 pisses me off.

i personally dont like pineapple on pizza, but if somebody does I won’t bash them because its not the “norm” or it is “disgusting”


How comes you’re not allowed to leave the country?


Glad you’re not one of these people that get offended when someone prefers pineapple on pizza. It’s so childish when people tell someone to die just because they like pineapple on pizza.


I love hawaiian pizza!!!, we all have our own preferences on what to put on our freaking pizzas
Number 4 though, its definitely not racism, again its preferences


Hawaiian pizza is delicious!!

And true that. There is a big difference between preferences and shallowness/racism etc.


Oh gosh I can relate to the nosy family !

My mom be like
“So, when’s the wedding?”



Isn’t nosy family members SO ANNOYING?! :joy: