People who have read retrace. can I ask a few qustions? Poll

So I am kinda stuck. still working. I just havent really had motivation for it. but anyway I made a few polls

this is the story

why did you read it

  • r4r
  • it looked interesting
  • I have not read it and dont know what I am doing here

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Did you like it so far

  • yes I do
  • Not really
  • Dont remember what it is about

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are you waiting for my next update

  • yes I am
  • No because I did not really like the story
  • No because you take to long
  • No because other reason

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should I get a new cover

  • yes
  • no

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what story do you most like daughter or mother

  • mother
  • daughter

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what genre do you think it belong in

  • mystery
  • drama
  • action
  • adventure

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I kinda wanna end the story. should I drop some scenes ideas I had and rush (not over rush I will actually make a good ending) instead. or just take it as I wanted and then just put aside a bit.

  • rush ending
  • keep it as plan

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I am more of a fantasy writer and this is not fantasy. and was more a try to get noticed story(it arent working) I have a few unpublish fantasy stories I really like should I focus of them instead

  • yes focus on something you care about
  • no finish this one
  • work on fantasy but do not give up on this story

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Why not both mother and daughter? :sob:
And I’m not good with story genres… :persevere:


random tags you are all from my r4r. so I know you all read it. or cheated in r4r
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forgot that

and same



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