People who knows how to code are needed here!

Hi y’all! Let me tell you a little about myself, i’m 14 years old, and i spend almost everyday on episode reading stories and stuff. So i decided at some point to start writing my own story! But the one problem is that i don’t know how to code, but i have a story in mind.
If you’re a great coder, can you teach me how to code? or at least give me some direct tips?
Thank you:)


I reccomend watching Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube. They’re amazing for when youre just getting to know episode coding :yellow_heart:

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yey thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello @ashleyxoxoxox! Good job on starting to learn coding! Coding is definitely not an easy thing to do, so points to you! :tada:

I’m not a perfect coding myself, but when I started coding, I watched all @JosephEvans YouTube tutorials and I practiced while listening to his instructions. He honestly is my coding saviour!

Then I took months and months just perfecting my coding and eventually while doing so, I published my stories!

I think the best tip is honestly just keep practising and don’t give up! To perfect coding is a very long and tedious process! :heartpulse: YOU CAN DO THIS!

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okay! thank you !! :two_hearts:

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Like others already said Joseph Evans and Dara Amarie are lifesavers!

I’ve been coding for over a year now so if you have any questions you can dm me anytime, I would love to help! :blue_heart:


Hi! I recently made a group for writers on episode who could use some help with not just coding, but also with story ideas, inspiration, and all kinds of stuff. We will accept anyone!!

here is the link to our topic if you are interested

We would love to help in any way we can!

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Hey, I can help if you ever need any help coding. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

You can always pm me on here or dm me on Instagram @ _superpup.episode _ (without the spaces). I’ll usually get back to you pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

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Hi i am of no help but you could go to YouTube and check how to make an episode story it will really help I did the same and it helped me so much or go to the writers portal and go to directing tutorial etc I hoped this gave you an idea

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Hey, if you still need to learn coding then @mary9 started her coding classes for beginners . You can join
Basic directing for beginners(:heart:´艸`:heart:)(:heart:´艸`:heart:) - Creator’s Corner - Episode Forums (

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Heyyyy!!! Wanna collaborate for a story together?? I have many ideas and i know a lot of advanced coding!

Hey are you still looking for someone to collab a story with? If yes then I’m available!