People who write mafia/gang stories: why? (not sarcasm)

What inspired you to write one of these stories? Was it Riverdale? Personally I just don’t understand the appeal but apparently a lot of people do.


I write mafia stories because I believe that they focus on family, protection, a place of love.

My first story is just complete a short story about the children of a Spanish Mafia leader, a series of 5 short stories then a series of three novels ect…

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I sometimes read them, if author didn’t mention mafia subplot in the story description, and kinda tricked me into liking the story, before I realized there is mafia xDD No joke.
One of stories I’m reading now is “Drive me Wild” by ladydianna, but to be fair it’s a great story, and mafia is not the total center of events, plus it’s portrayed way more realistic than in your average mafia story. I think it’s the only story with mafia in it, that I read atm.


I’m writing a story with mafia as the bad guys. Not sure if it’s what you want to hear but I’m tired of seeing mafia being portrayed as cool or (insert positive adjective) etc and want to see things from a more real-world perspective.


I think some authors have written these themed stories because there is something interesting to base the whole role of the character’s lives on, not just the crime part, but the morals and meaning and family ties etc to them. In certain ways that lifestyle, not only in a story, but in reality is a complex way to live, and as long as it is researched well and portrayed correctly it makes an great read. I know for instance, Miss Aggie researched for ages and her story Married to the Mafia is excellently written and so are Miss MJ’s stories.
I think they tend to get a bad rep when written poorly by people who just want to write something to get reads and think that a sexy mafia story will work and yet can’t pull it off and it lacks authenticity because they can’t be bothered to research something that they know nothing about.

To be honest, I find some mafia and gang stories interesting based on the plot. I don’t like mafias or gangs, but if the story has a good story line, I’ll read it.


I don’t necessarily dislike mafia stories. However, I do dislike the fact that it’s overused in the episode community. But if it’s written well then I don’t mind sticking around.

I agree with this as well.

I agree with this as well. If mafia isn’t the only focus of the story then I simply will enjoy it.

It just depends on how the author portrays it, to be honest.


I think it’s a setting that allows for a lot of naturally unfolding drama. The mix of danger, tension and the already mentioned family ties gives a great base for a plot.

A story always lives off tension and challenges. Also, reading stories is a way to live through things you never would or would never want to go through in real life. That’s not an excuse for poorly executed versions of this, or any other setting. But it explains to me, why these stories are being enjoyed so much.

As with all stories, there are good and not so good examples.


Sorry for going off topic too. But I have to say thank you for this! :heart::see_no_evil: always makes me happy when someone reads TSH :sweat_smile:

Well, in my opinion it’s one of the best stories here. It has deeper meaning and purpose and it’s going to sound weird but I like the end of the last published chapter. That’s not like I would enjoy them being separated. But it shocked me and I must have been thinking about it a lot, how sad it is… But also this is also the sign of how strong they love each other. And it makes the story unforgettable and unique, it’s not like another light romance you read and feel good while reading it but forget it in one month because it didn’t cause you any emotions. And also I think that you’re ‘brave’ that you wrote it that way, because on this platform it would be hardy appreciated :confused:
But like I said, for me, this story stands out. Maybe it’s because I’m not a teenager anymore… But I would be happy if there were more stories like that :slight_smile:

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