Perceived Racism On Episode (An open thread)



Hello, Epy Community!
I just wanted to express my concerns about a story that I read on Episode called “The Darkest Hour”. This story is basically about the zombie apocalypse. In reading this story, it became apparent that a majority, if not all of the main characters (protagonists) were fair skinned. While a majority, if not all zombies/“bad guys” were darer skinned, with many of them characterized with natural hair styles (afros,ect.). I was shocked and appalled and even frustrated by this. I wanted to bring this to the attention of the episode community to engage in a discussion about perceived racism on Episode. I, personally was offended by the portrayal of these seemingly black individuals. And I would appreciate if the story was removed or at least altered to include a diverse character in different roles.
I’ll post screenshots I took to show some scenes that were particularly hurtful to me. I waned to open this discussion to the Episode Community. Is anyone else hurt/offended by portrayals like this?
Thanks for reading! @vera.episode didn’t create the story, she posted screenshots.


At first I was thinking maybe this may have been in INK which currently doesn’t have any fantasy skin colors (which I REALLY need), but seeing it’s LL and those screenshots, this seems pretty blatant as … um … green is a viable option for zombies :woman_zombie: :zombie:‍♂ or even pale (gray would be great!) … wow. This is awful. :rage:


Wow, that is horrifying and not at all for the intended reasons, so glad you spoke up. At first I was immediately enraged as this seems glaringly racist to me but now that I think about my prospective is that of a person of color who grew up in a very liberal place where we talked about things like racism, colorism, privilege, etc. I can’t speak for the author, but maybe this wasn’t on purpose, maybe this person is really young and isn’t self aware enough or doesn’t yet have the tools to identify and examine their own internal biases? Obviously this was a choice this person made, like @Anya_R said green or pale skin would have been a much more appropriate creature feature vibe for a zombie, but maybe it wasn’t a conscious one and they aren’t aware of how racist it’s coming off?


I can definitely understand how confused and offended you were feeling! I think @LiaMina does make a valid point, that perhaps they didn’t fully intend for this to come off as blatant racism. But the physical characteristics of the characters do seem to be unmistakable, since all the screenshots you’ve provided with the “zombies” have been portrayed by people with dark skin. I think it would be really interesting to hear where the author was coming from with this decision, as I can’t really be sure that this decision was made out of malice or not. But, it is definitely suspicious and raises some red flags.


It may have been unintentional or overlooked. I would have to read the story to get an idea of how much of a majority there is in the living vs dead … but not sure I want to give it the reads. Also, I have a hard time reading LL stories due to the movements being so jarring and the male characters looking like preteens. I do like the look of LL for the girls though.


This definitely looks wrong…
But consider the fact this may actually a little child who doesn’t understand this is wrong, but who knows, maybe he was being actually racist, but seriously, look at his name, he calls himself “Frost King” he sounds like a 7 years old, but I say you should still report him, because intentional or not, this comes out as a really racist story, if you have read it (I don’t really know these screenshots are from an Instagram account clearly) report it! I just didn’t read this story, and honestly, I don’t want to read a racist story so if you have read it, or anyone else has read it and it is indeed racist, report it so the Episode team will take it down.


This is horrible!
Why would you do something like this?
This definitely needs to be brought to Episode’s attention.
I’d love to know the reasoning behind the author’s choice that POC should be villains and white people should be ‘heroes’. Sure I’m white, but lots of bad people are also white, and everybody’s equal.

I’d rather this story to be all-white rather than portraying darker toned people as ‘bad’.


idc what anyone says… You don’t accidentally make all your “important” characters white, and the “evil” characters black. Especially if they’re zombies they COULD be blue, green, even the palest white… I’m disgusted honestly…


I reported the story, this is really disturbing and I’m disappointed. This story is created in limelight there’s no excuse for this. The screenshots alone angers me.


NO matter what Episode says ‘oh we’re so diverse’ all they’re stories are about white people falling in love with white people except Instant Princess


to be fair, episode can’t control the community’s character designs. if a user wants to write a story about a white girl falling in love with a white guy and being best friends with a white girl, they can, and episode has to let them. episode itself actually does write in diverse love interests, in many stories.


Just a heads up! Make sure to keep in mind that the best and quickest way to report a story is by submitting a ticket to the reader team so they can review it. Hope this helps :peace_symbol:


Oh hell no, this is blatantly racist. Whoever made this story knew exactly what they were doing. Being unaware of the racist unconcious is bull, they intended for it to be like this. Like what was said before, they could have used zombie colors like green, grey, blue, but they decided to use dark-skinned humanistic skin colors. This story needs to be put down IMMEDIATELY!


To be honest with you guys, If you look on the screenshot, that will make it RACIST because it all shows that all zombies are black and the living are white. But I think this story is not “RACIST” if you know the story behind it because I have read it a while ago and the author explains why some zombies are black/brown. Yet,NOT ALL zombies are BLACK and BROWN because i have seen zombies with white skin at episode 4 and I don’t know why that’s racist for some of you. It’s funny that some requested for blue skin, and a green skin?? wtf what is this? a aqua zombie and incredible hulk?? Then make your own story with blue and green zombie if you’re comfortable with it because that’s what on your mind, not in this author. Besides, that is what the author wants and you instantly think it’s wrong because you people judge based on what you see at this post and definitely not considering what the author’s in mind on the whole story. It’s funny that the one who screenshot those images ONLY shows ALL the blacks as zombies and white people as living. It will really result to hatred to everyone here. But, if you know all the characters, then you definitely know that not all living are white and not zombies are black/brown. Just saying.


where the only characters i can think of is maria and talia and both are villians


love interests, not characters in general.


Wish i didnt see tht theres no excuse for tht the person who wrote tht knew exactly what they were doing dont defend this crap. There were plenty of grey green or non human skintones but they chose to make it offensive pls Pleaase take this BS down.


They must not be because obviously they are incapable of seeing through the lens of a POC. They can’t see it from our perspective so they are unable to emapthize with us, and analyze how it may seem hurtful and wrong to us. These images are not cool, PERIOD!


If the author is a little child, that’s just another reason to report him/her, the App is PG-13.


The strange thing is I rarely see any zombies in movies with black skin color. They are usually white. Like very white.