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Percy Jackson is amazing :laughing: ever since reading the series, I did crazy research on Greek mythology because it was so interesting.


I agree! Percy Jackson is awesome! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Hold up I have a meme for this

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I LOVE IT :joy::rofl:

Do I hear Percy Jackson??
A fan right here, like who doesn’t love Percy?? And Annabeth? and Grover? And Nico?

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I read almost all the books and listen to the musical songs

Tbh: one of the songs in the musical was more accurate then the movie :rofl:

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EXACTLY! So I decided to watch Percy Jackson and The Lightning their it was so freaking bad and inaccurate :joy: what got me the most triggered was Annabeths hair like HOW HARD IT IS TO HAVE AN ACOTR DYE THEIR HAIR OR HIRE ONE WITH BLONDE
but in Baywatch the actress who plays Annabeth does a great job


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