Percy Jackson Role-play! (Official Sign-Up Thread)



No swearing actual rude words but you can curse yourself in Greek
Please be paitent and wait for everyone to sign up
You might get killed by a monster, so if you do, you might be able to resign again
I will be the Greek Gods, Chiron and Monsters and other stuff
Sign Ups:

Character Slideshow aka Face Claims

Hope to meet you there!

25/42 spots left
We will start when we have enough characters, it’s a RP so we will be role playing on another thread.


Oh my, you’re already starting an RP? I might join, but I have some questions. Were you on the old forums? If so, what was your username? Sorry, I’m just trying to make connections here.


not relevant - but love your username!! :blush:


Haha, I’m betting you do. It was inspired by Lola Ann after all.


Now all you have to do is guess which Fairy Tale-d person I am. I’ll give you a hint: I’m not Chidimma. :slight_smile:


hmmm the fact that you SAID ‘i’m not Chidimma’ makes it verrryyy suspicious :thinking:
i think your either Kittenlove or Chidimma
edit: pretty sure Kittenlove


Well, considering my profile pic is a cat… yep I’m Kitten


Nah, but have you heard of COVERS_just_for_you?


And,I didn’t create an username on the old forum cause COVERS is my sister so I (shh) use her one since i know her password! Please don’t tell her that! But since the new forum has arrived, I decided to make one.


Yes, I have. In fact, she’s in the Fairy Tale-d art group with me. I myself am more of a role player though. I can’t wait to roleplay with you!


Oh, she’s my sister…she’s very annoying


Haha, I can relate. I have an annoying younger brother who thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to jump in me. But I love him anyways. :slight_smile:


Yay, we’re twins!!! She thinks she’s better at making covers than me…in fact, I’m the one who made my own profile pic…the very one u c right now!

P.S.I’m better at it than her…


wow your profile pic is so cool!


Thank you so much!!!


I made it myself… in like 20mins… so I’m better than COVERS…


Okay, I might sign up for this roleplay - but my suggestion is to have one child per god, because otherwise everyone will be family etc and everyone will just have the same parents and that makes it kind of boring


Maybe max 5 children per god, otherwise there wouldn’t be any siblings.


Yeah good idea, I’ll change it.


Ok yay! Btw, I’m pretty sure I signed up w/daughter of Poseidon. And if you need any help, I’m right here!