Percy Jackson Role-Play (Official Thread)


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Percy Jackson Role-play! (Official Sign-Up Thread)
Percy Jackson Role-play! (Official Sign-Up Thread)

I ran along with my satyr Hedge running away from, what a dog? From what Hedge pronounced, it was a “monster”. But all the same I felt scared. What was this "Camp Half-Blood?"Will I be safe? Why was I going there?

I panted, running to get to the “strawberry farm”, just has my dad had said. He told me I had to go there, even though he had no idea why. Mysterious letter? No thanks. I reached the edge of the hill, and stood there.


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It was another normal day at camp. Birds chirping, sun shining, people wandering around casting me wary looks as they walked by hoping I wasn’t about to steal from them. Ah, Good times. I lounged on the front porch of my cabin, hoping something interesting would happen. It had been a while since any new campers had come. I wondered if any would come today. If so, I would probably get called upon as a tour guide or something, being the head camper in Hermes, and one of the older campers in general. I absentmindedly fingered the leather necklace around my neck. 5 beads. 5 years.

ORP: approachable


I looked at the hill, sunshine, birds and most strangely where there used to be a farm, was replaced by lots of cabins and 50 and more people are having fun. I didn’t notice them before. I ran in, eager to find out what was happening. But I was in such a hurry, I ran into a boy sitting on a chair and we both fell down.

aka, “boy” is Lukas


“Gah!” Some girl crashes into me, falling on top of me and squashing me under her. “You know, I didn’t know that crashing into people was the proper way to introduce yourself nowdays,” I drawled from my position under her.

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Ah, The Half - Blood Camp. Just look at it. I wonder if there’s anywhere I can sit and relax… Yes! There’s a bunch over there. I head over, hoping no one talks to me.


I push my glasses up closer to my face. Oh my gosh, everyone around here looks so comfortable. A I the only new one here? Okay Olivia, deep breaths. Deeeeeeeeppp breaaatthhhhsss… Someone will come and talk to me.

ORP: Both approachable!


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I was itching for a competition. The last person I had challenged to a race had been an hour ago, could you believe that? A hour without participating in any competitions! I needed someone to challenge. Anyone! I was hanging out in the green area in the middle of the cabins. I had been chatting with Hestia, but she had had to leave. This was one of those days were I wished I had any half siblings. Instead I was all alone in my cabin.



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I quickly scramble to my feet. OMG!!! I thought, how embarrassing!
“Erh, erm, erh…” I stammered. Stupid Lora, I thought.
"Lora. My name is Lora!"I said quickly.

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I looked around, exhausted. Hedge had gone off somewhere and here I am, at this “camp”. What can I do? I decided to explore and try and find someone helpful so they can guide me. I go looking around and see a girl, pacing around the grass. I decided, she looks nice enough. I go up to her.

"Um can you please help me?"I asked. (That was so stupid, i think…)


Delphine entered the camp, slightly nervous. She ran her hand through her hair, pushing it out of her face. She looked around, there seemed to be a lot of people.

Audrey looked around at the camp full of people. She tightened her perfect ponytail, and looked down at her bag which she packed herself, with all essentials and more than enough clothes.

Zack wasn’t really scared when he came into the camp, he just walked in, confidently. He had his bag in his hand, which he did NOT pack right, and started to walk in the camp, looking for people to approach.

orp: all are approachable !


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Rose walked into the the arena just finishing from a lesson, when she saw this most well in Rose’s thought, hot boy just coming in. I have to meet this newbie. He’s kinda cute, she thought. She ran up to him.

"Hi there, I’m Rose!"she said to him.


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Hot stuff alert! Jack thought. Newbie here! I must approach her! He walks over to her.

(Talking 'bout Olivia)


Zack smiled at the girl, politely. “Hey there.” He said, “I’m Zack.”

Audrey and Delphine are approachable!



I wake up from a really weird dream and when I open my eyes I notice i’m not in my bed anymore . I was in my dad’s car while my dad was looking at me with tears in his eyes and another lady next to him .

“Honey … This is your mother.” He said . “She told me she’s a greek goddess just now , I have no idea why she was hiding it for so long.” He glances over at some camp entrance and said
“She told me you have to go there because every half-blood belongs there . I can’t go in there since it only allows demi gods .” I look at him “I guess this is goodbye , I’ll see you when summer is over .”

"Bye , dad … " I tell him still confused , thinking this is some sort of a dream . Then I get out of the car and look back at my mom . “Bye mom … I never thought I would be saying that … But anyways … Goodbye.” I turn my back to them and get into the half blood camp .
I keep walking down the path passing many others but I just don’t care.


I put on my outfit and get in the car with mom . After a long drive I find myself on the gates of the half blood camp . Then I get in , find my room , and just open my laptop and talk to nobody .


Wearing my new outfit I walk into the camp and immidetly (i guess that’s how you spell it) I start looking for hot girls to seduce .


Audrey looks to the side and sees a boy (Anton), not sure whether to approach him or not.



(Sure , approach him , you’ll like it :slightly_smiling_face: . I know he will )


can he approach her? she’s not one to approach people, and Anton seems like he would :joy:


I remained lying lazily on the ground. “I’m Lukas. You new here?” I yawned, then all of a sudden rolled onto my stomach, my hands under me, and pushed myself to my feet, springing up easily.

“Oh yay! A person!” I squeal, completely ignoring what she says. “Do you want to race me? Or fight me? Or thumb wrestle me? I bet I’m better at all of those activities!”




I look at all the girls and my glance stops at a girl (that’s Rose) . I started walking towards her staring at her . I was alnost there to swoop in and charm her , but I didn’t notice a girl that was (i hope i can control her action - it’s nothing much tho , not gonna kill her lol ) sitting on the grass trying to get her papers that were dancing on the wind back so I tripped onver her . I got up and said “Well , Audrey … long time no see . You still the hard working girl you’ve always been , I see .” I smile at her and help her collect all her papers … That might make her think he’s romantic . Girls dig that .