Percy Jackson Role-Play (Official Thread)



I wait for someone casually approach me, and I’m starting to lose hope. I begin thinking if I should just sit down and draw, it’s the protocol so I don’t look introverted and alone. But then, to my surprise, some guy walks over to me. “Hello!” I say, this gave me a boost of confidence.



Audrey was surprised when Anton came over to her. “Hello Anton.” She said, politely, not giving him eye contact, focusing on her papers. “You still the flirty play-boy you’ve always been, I see. Still not working for you.” She finally stood up and gave him eye contact.



“Erh yeh, sorta.” I replied. I looked at him in the eyes, and for the first time I noticed he looked kinda, what do you say cute and friendly? He will make a great friend, I can tell, Lora thought.
"Can you show me around?"I blushed



“What do you-oh wha?” I stammered. She looks tough, and NOT a person you want to have a fight with. Maybe I can be friends with her so she can calm down. Before I could say anything, a bronze hammer appeared above my head glowing in red.


"You okay?"I asked. She seems nervous. What? Nervous around me? Pff, she will get used to it. Besides, she’s cute and seems friendly.
"Here, I’ll show you around the camp."I said. I wondered if she felt the same as me. I looked at her in her eyes and suddenly noticed that she was WAY more beautiful than I thought.


Zack replied to Rose


"Eh, hi!"I said.
"Would you like me to show you around?"I asked


I stared at the entrance of camp half blood. I sighed and put my bag over my shoulder and walked through. Immediately there was a crazy buzz, and the first thought that came to my head was Girl Scouts. Just…miles and miles of Girl Scouts. What the heck was I thinking coming here?

I wiped off the sweat from my brow and panted after the strenuous battle. I spit on the ground next to the newbie and smiled. “Sorry. Guess I should have gone easier on ya.” I gave him a hard pat on the back and he squealed. I laughed and walked away to put the weapons back then looked around. A whole new lot of newbies I had my chance at beating.

ORP: both are approachable!


Erin stared at the entrance of camp half blood, he smiled before waving his father goodbye. His fingers traced the outline of his violin case before walking into the camp.

ORP: approachable


I saw a girl near me; she looked nervous. Almost like a lost puppy. She was good looking, and I wouldn’t put it past her if she was a daughter of Aphrodite. I approach her a bit cautiously, ready to flee the conversation if I must. “You just as confused as I am?”

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Zack shrugged. “Go for it.” He put his hands in his pockets, ready to follow her.

Delphine heard someone talk behind her, and turned to them and laughed slightly, “Well if your very confused, then yeah.”

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“Yeah, I’m fine.” He seems nice at least. And he knows his way around here. I look at him. “Sure, that’d be nice.”



“Sure.” I winked at her. “Come on. We’ll start with the cabins, as you’ll be claimed soon. If not today, sometime this week. In the meantime, you’ll sleep in my cabin.” I jerked a thumb over my shoulder at the cabin behind me.

“Oh, pretty. But my sign was prettier,” I exclaim, pointing at the symbol glowing above your head. “You’re a child of Hephaestus. Yay! Now I can challenge you to see who is stronger. Oh wait, I’m not the strongest. But still, I can challenge you!”



I gave her a small smile and put my bag down on the ground. I knew from prior experience to most definitely not mention my loser-of-a-dad on the first conversation with any of these demigods. I spotted a centaur and couldn’t hold back my laughter. “So they actually do exist. i really don’t think I can take him seriously.”



I blushed. Why am I nervous? I don’t get nervous! Boys don’t make me nervous! So why am I nervous?

"Okay sure!"I said trying NOT to sound nervous.
"Um… can we be friends or something?"I asked. Stupid Lora, stupid!!!



I marched down to the camp’s entrance. Lots of girls. TONS of hot guys. I smiled as I saw Lula, already trying to start a competition. I’d always seen Lula as a younger sister. I hope she thought of someone as strong as me as her mentor. I laughed a bit to myself at the reaction of the girl she was talking to. She looked so scared. I decided to go say hi. “Lula, I hope you’re not causing trouble again.”



Delphine looked behind her, seeing the centaur. She kind of felt bad for them, because they were being laughed at. “Yeah, they exist…” She said.



It had been a perfectly normal day, up until the point where I had woken up. I woke up to raised voices. My mom, and another person I didn’t know. I couldn’t hear them clearly, but it sounded like the unfamiliar voice was trying to get my mom to do something, and she didn’t want to do it. I hopped out of my bed and changed into a casual outfit. Rushing out into the hall, I found a goat man and my mother arguing. Me, being me, of course said, “Why is there a goat man in the kitchen?” The goat man, being rude, said at the same time, “Why are her eyes different colors?” My mom sighed. “This is Fenly. He’s a satyr.” My mind whirled. “But- but satyrs aren’t real! They’re just in myths!” The goat man glared at me. “I am very much real, and I’m here to take you to Camp Half Blood. I’ll explain everything on the way there. But we have to move fast. You’re not safe here.” I glanced at my mom, and she avoided my gaze by looking down at the floor. “You have to go with him K. I’m sorry.” I looked back at the goat man. “Come on,” he growled. I followed him.
~ 45 minutes later ~
My mind was spinning from the information I had received on our trip. I was the child of a god and was being taken to one of the only safe places for our kind. And here it was. I numbly walked into the camp while Fenly went to report to Chiron, whoever that was. I sat down in the shade of a tree, trying to figure out my life.

ORP: approachable


A tall even more scarier girl comes down and says, "Lula, I hope you’re not causing trouble again.” I bit my lip. What could I do to get out of this mess? I turned to the tall, scary girl. (Acacia)
“Would you like me to make you a weapon or something?” I asked.
"I’m the child of what-Hephaestus? "



I fake pout at Acacia. “No. I just wanted to compete with someone.” I cross my arms, looking up at the tall girl. She was like a sister to me. I had been here since I was nine, so I had needed someone to look up to.