Perfect Lines for a story?

Hey there!! Can anyone say how much lines should a story chapter have??


In minimum, there should be 300 lines to be able to make one episode. (I forgot the number but yeah somewhere around that)

However, the amount of lines when coding a story doesn’t matter as much as when you time yourself when reading it.

Because a story offering customization for 4 characters can have around 9000+ lines, but the episode may as well be short if the actual scenes aren’t that long when u read it.


Okay thanks :blush:

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There isn’t really a specific answer for this, depends how long you want the episode to be, and how many of those lines are dialogue and how many are advanced directing.

My last story each episode was about 1200ish lines (not including customisation etc), and it averaged around 8-9 minutes to read. Though I guess it also depends how fast people read. :thinking:


Oh thanks :blush:

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its 400. that is the minimum requirement. much more is recomanded.

depending on choice and how advance it is, codes are very diffrent.

I have 2 chapters here one is around 1800. the other is a little over 3000

but the 1800 is longer in time it takes a little 11 minutes ti read while 3000 take a little over 9. thats because the 3000 has a lot of long choices

so its better to try and time it instead of couting codes. a good time is never less than 8 and dont go over 15.


Okay thanks that helped a lot :cowboy_hat_face:

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Oh yeah ToT i was debating on what specific number it was. Thank u!!

And true that more lines ≠ longer chapter